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This is a Wiki for tracking the ongoing fluid situation :icon_beer: for a close to live leaderboard of the rumours, speculations, reportage, unconfirmed and confirmed Job losses, direct, indirect and potential overall economic fallout pertaining to Ireland Big Tech Bubble 2.0 popping.

Direct Indirect Corp. Speculation Reported Confirmed DIff (D-F)
(contractors) (unconfirmed)
Apple -1000 - 0 -1000
6000 Microsoft 0 - 0 0
1800 SalesForce 0 - 0 0
Indeed 0 - 0 0
Intercom 0 -39 0 0
PayPal 0 - 0 0
Amazon 0 - 0 0
7000 Google/Alphabet -500 - 0 -500
Facebook/Meta -5000 -390 0 -5000
3000 6000 Intel -6000 - 0 -6000
6000 New Relic 0 - 0 0
Oracle 0 - -75 75
Twitter 0 - -250 250
Stripe 0 - -200 200
23800 6000 -12500 -429 -525
Actual (confirmed) -525
Projected -12500
Multilpier x4 -50000

A - B: Best estimates of/or actual total employed before cuts

Note on figures: Figures open to change and correction.

Speculation: Rumour, anecdote etc. totally unverified, hot off the grapevine.
Reported (Unconfirmed): Speculated / reported in the MSM estimated figures.
Confirmed: - As it says, confirmed numbers via media or PR release.

Is there a corporate-name not here that should be?
If so edit, the wiki or post the suggestion in the topic comments with any other information.

Other online tracking resource:


Is this Ireland alone?

Yes, clarified in text and title - will aim to have a column for Global total too if possible.

75 sacked from Oracle Ireland 2 days ago Oracle, Indeed and Amazon join Twitter and Stripe in reining in Irish operations | Ireland | The Sunday Times

Begging begins.

What can this ‘great little country to do business in’ offer them that they haven’t already?
The only way to achieve anything would be something along the highly counterproductive lines of:

and there are plenty of other countries willing and able to mortgage their children’s futures to the ECB to achieve that too.

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Things not good elsewhere

:uk: UK - Made.com, 600 jobs gone.

Anti-IrishTimes coverage

Facebook parent Meta has announced plans to cut 11,000 jobs, some 13 per cent of the social media giant’s 87,000-strong global workforce.


It’s not outside the realms of possibility that the majority of that reported 11,000 cut could be derived from a Ireland slash and burn.

Reality Labs.

Well , it fckin is now innit.

Regime puppet pretends to suddenly care… anti-vaxxers perk up.

Mr Varadkar said he did feel for the staff in Twitter about the way its redundancy was handled this week and how they received the news of being let go. “I don’t think that was right,” he said.

Humane :+1:

Tánaiste says it is important not to ‘catastrophise’ Meta downsizing

Varadkar confirms tech giant has assured his Department it will comply with Irish laws on reducancy

Oh thank goodness the “cull” will be humane and within rule of law.

“We do not know yet what the scale of the losses will be or over what time period it will happen,” he said.


… me bollix they don’t know.

They know.

It’s the old tried and tested way of solving a housing crisis.

A’lor a’lor LARP for your money.

“We anticipate that we’re going to see a downsizing.”

Src: https://twitter.com/RTE_PrimeTime/status/1590098895652425728

RTE story link has changed, if it’s only 390 the LARPer’s will be lucky.

The jobs news comes exactly one year since Facebook changed its name to Meta. In that time, the company’s market value has declined by €624bn, or three quarters.

Ah, how many are Irish working in there.

This rationalisation of the heavily facelifted Celtic Tiger won’t be that consequential to the average struggling Paddy or Mary. A bit of nip and tuck.

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Tax units go up - tax units go down.

Will they in part hide the real tax unit losses using process and the passage of bureaucracy? :thinking:

:icon_beer: Fluid Situation Notice:

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Number of employees 87,314 (Sept. 2022)