#BlackNovember 🇮🇪 Job Loss Projection + Tracking

2,000 staff have been offered it? There are only 4,500 there it seems. Maybe they were expecting a very low amount of people taking them up. What happened if all 2,000 took it, does that mean they don’t really require those 2,000? Seems a bit ominous.

It means exactly that.


Also 100 redundancies on top of that.

Is Dublin 4 going to get its long sought after diversity? :popcorn:



Tech Layoff Tracker

More good news.

Boom. A big small one. The knock on from this is immense.

Another 20% at Coinbase

Bad Day at Black Rock

Something odd about this one

‘Laying off hundreds of managers’

‘Laying off 10% of management’

Would a company with 13 million subscribers, that I am assuming just repackages and resells existing services, really have ‘thousands’ of managers?

Titles. You will address me by my proper title in my minimum wage plus 10% gig.

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They just told me , so, I’ll tell them.

N.B. speculative but probable

Genuinely that’s the first time I’ve seen a reference to bing in at least two years-I completely forgot it even existed.


On ze double.

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