Blanket mail shots

I live about 6 miles from Dublin City Centre, but got a brocheurs for the following in the post today -

Ballywater Meadows, Termonfeckin, Co. Louth
“Why rent when you can own your own home from €256 per week”


Mullary Manor, Tinure, Co. Louth
“Only 25 minutes from the M50”

Same developer for both.

Anyone else getting similar?

Latest one I got was Killians Court , Mullagh, Co. Cavan

Interesting it has 3 estate agents as contacts.

Those two have the same joint selling agents, both Drogheda based.

Why buy when you can rent much closer to Dublin for the same price?

Well said, :slight_smile:

After 25 years (or whatever) you get to keep the house, and not pay anything else.

Yes, but those renting can often find themselves at a disadvantage. Ask our former Taoiseach, who decided to rent rather than rushing out to buy :slight_smile:

Ok, I see you’ve got 26 posts, so you may have missed some of the classes we’ve been running around here.

Have a read through some of the Rent vs Buy discussions. Your eyes will be opened.

Suffice to say, if you believe what you just said, then you’re username is apt :wink:


Yawn. Didn’t realise you did the whole ‘post count’ thing here.

I’ve read many of those discussions, and my eyes are open. So what’s your point exactly?

His point is that we’ve been through the rent versus buy discussion a million times on here before you joined. Now have the decency to make some effort to catch up with our previous discussions before you start being sarcastic towards longstanding posters who are trying to help you.

About the €256 per week…€256 * 52 weeks/ 12 months gives a monthly repayment of €1109.33.

If I’m doing my sums right, this equates to €299k interest only over 40 years at 5%??

25 year mortgage at that money? You must be thinking of a “normal” country. We’re in Ireland of the mystical fairies and things are “different” here.

Probably is, I’ve noticed this in the Galway papers too.
Finance this house from only 350 a week*

And down the bottom of the page in tiny print
*Applies to 35 year 90% interest only mortgage.

My point was don’t look at post counts! I joined last year, and have read (but not contributed) to many of these discussions.
(I’m not looking for help either, I bought before the bubble.)

Certainly wouldn’t buy now, or in the next three years at least, if I was renting.

ok fair enough sorry about that

Yeah, I’m getting those fliers. They don’t include the cost of commuting either financially or in time - the distance to the M50 is dependent on it not being the rush hour for example.

With respect to the “after 25 years”…that’s if you’re doing well. Most people I know have 30-35 year mortgage terms.

I got the Ballywater Meadows one today and the 3rd flyer this year(amount received in previous 4 years = zero) from SHOK today. Things are looking up they finally managed to sell a house and felt the need to tell everyone.

You know EA’s are desperate when they have to boast about selling one house.

You know they’re desperate when they’re employing camels to sell houses. What next? Bearnards selling apartments? :wink: