Due to these *many *(2!) reasons. XD

What tosh.


Crap. The Local Authority mortgage had a MAXIMUM income limit of €36800 whereas as this has a MINIMUM of €40k!!


xman - why the ban on naming the politicians who reply? They are public figures who must be prepared to stand over what they say. Unless the letter is marked private then courtesy does not enter into it.


Ah a prop for the middle class who are debt addicted. Pull the other one…


Just to reiterate my point, surely this post by bugler shows why we should be holding politicians accountable for what they say to us. The alternative is that they can lie and know that they won’t be called on it in future.


Yeah surely correspondence from a public representative is public domain, as long as the recipient is willing to publish it, politicians can surely have no expectation of privacy on constituency mail, in fact parish polotics thrives on the fact that their every word and action to or on behalf of a constituent will bring them kudos by word of mouth.


several reasons -

because we have no way of knowing if the emails are genuine or not.

there is a policy against the disclosure of any personally identifiable information on the forum.

and as a courtesy as the person replying may not be aware that what is essentially one half of a private conversation between two people is going to be be posted anonymously into a public forum.


I wouldn’t agree with that Ozzy. Posting anyone’s email without their knowledge or permission is out of order as far as i’m concerned.

They are replying to emails from private individuals, not writing press releases or giving interviews to journalists.


Emailed my 2 FF TDs (19th Oct), regarding the budget (and how I could never vote/give them a preference again for a long time in any elections). Email had issues about property bailout, medical card and general balls-up of the budget. So far I got a reply from Conor Lenihan (via some PA address I think) but only about the medical card issue (press issue by Mary Harney issued 16th Oct and how more will be announced soon - so nothing personal from him but a standard reply).

Nothing wrt to housing even though it was the main issue of the email…Will post if I get anything more back.

(I know we wanted the bailout emails but I had a fair few issues with the budget).


A better idea would be to protest at the ceremonial 90th anniversary of the first meeting at the First Dail at the Mansion House next Tuesday and shower the politicos with Bananas! Plenty of media will be in attendance, including from abroad I’d imagine.


The video referenced at the beginning of this thread has been taken off…

“This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”


What video - there was no video on this thread?


You have a point maybe with regard to the authenticity issue xman, though thats fairly unlikely considering most of the available addresses are not personal they are oireachtas addresses, which if we lived in a democracy, would be easily available under foi legislation, as they should be. So I don’t buy at all your rule about disallowing correspondences between voters and their public representatives to be posted in full on the board. Any politician committing anything they feel should remain private to email is a fool and should live with the consequences. Correspondence via private email address should of course be assumed to remain private. Govt email addresses belong to all of us. Looking at the truncated responses you’ve left indicates the value of publishing this stuff, these guys are singing from last months hymn sheet, itself cobbled together over a few bottles of vodka and having nothing significant to do with the problems Ireland faces. This stuff is worth a thousand manifestos. They are spineless and clueless to a man and woman and their supposed right to privacy (again fine on a personal level but not in our interest in the arena of govt business) is less important than our need to know who said what when. We should use this crisis to push the boat as far out as possible on transparency, the primary missing ingredient from every sector of elite operation in Ireland. I think you should reconsider this rule.


2nd post - metallica Blitzkrieg -


awesome video :smiley: now i remember!