BLOOD - Taking Down Humanity - Self spreading Vaccines or Vaccine Shedding: A Bio-weapon by another name?



It was noted already reported affects of those who have taken the experimental mRNA genetic injections on women’s menstrual cycles and ensuing blood flow. These seem to have started surfacing i recent weeks.

Next to that now, are reports that those whom have not taken the experimental genetic mRNA injections, but are in and around offices/co-workers where everyone is almost fully injected, are also reporting the same problems.

Dr. Marcus De Brun @indepdubnrth

Clotting disorders are now a recognized side effect. The body depends upon the clotting mechanism for a myriad of processes; internal bleeds, menstruation, the immune system etc ALL dependent upon normal clotting. The long term effects of DNA vaccines are entirely unknown.

7:19 AM · Apr 20, 2021·Twitter Web App

I had intended to post about shedding a week or so ago as that too was appearing as a topic of concern. With historical vaccine shedding post vaccine injection, it is a controversial subject. Perhaps it is more applicable to live virus vaccines. However, it is something you need to look into yourself beyond this post.

The reports began with an unvaccinated Instagram user sharing with her followers that after years of regular cycles she missed her menstrual cycle two months in a row. Shortly after she shared her experience, the woman began noticing mainstream news articles drawing a connection between menstrual issues and the covid vaccine.

After hypothesizing that women’s negative reaction to the experimental mRNA vaccines- even if they’re unvaccinated- may be due to shedding, many other women started sharing their testimonies.


Naturally, I ain’t no lady but I’ve heard tell or read over the years, that if women are in regular close knit connect/group they tend to share or synchronise their menstrual cycles. Let’s assume that is correct.

So at a base level is it a type of hormone sympathy or does it indicate mRNA escape via shedding of human cells, of which we shed a lot, most of your household dust is, human skin cells.

WFH home would probably interfere with this in an Irish context and anywhere else with such arrangements in affect, since most of this appears to be coming via the US for the most part.

What are the risks of the pfizer-biontech covid-19 vaccine?

Polio and MMR vaccines are live attenuated, and so can theoretically transmit / shed from someone post vaccination and cause infection.

Some polio outbreaks in Africa / India are due to vaccinations, not wild type strains.

Really hoping the mRNA / AZ don’t shed and that it’s hormone synchronisation (does happen!), I’ve seen questions about shedding elsewhere too this last week. Although I wonder about blood banks…


Which raises the whole question of contamination of the blood supply. Due to the great Mad Cow fiasco of the 1990’s people who lived in the UK in the 1990’s are not allowed to donate blood in the US as their blood was considered “contaminated”,

And it seems American who lived in Europe too.



SHEDDING WOO! I really hope this guy is wrong?? (Includes women’s menstrual cycles) This is very depressing!


It’s a sign of the times that Cliff High has finally made it to the pin :sunglasses: Are yiz ready for Cliff?


Funnily enough, I hadn’t watch this video till today but Id’ seen it appearing online, there wasn’t really anything new in it, but I’d imagine it was lots of woo for many - still at leat it had an property angle, along the lines, property won’t be worth shit with the mass dying. So there was that little nugget.

I was going to introduce the horror narratives being percolating this year, a few weeks ago but it’s busy times, very much reminiscent of the horror plot sown throughout cyberspace in advance of the global lockdowns and takeover, early 2020, but if you watch this video it’s as good an intro to this kind of thinking as any but it also highlights something that became apparent, maybe you spotted it.

2021 is looking to be a mirror of 2020.

Think about this. Everyone will have flipped position/messages and it will confuse both sides, both sides are confused in this - but can you figure out who that benefits?

It rightly deserves it’s own topic.


Exactamundo. The Consequences in 2021 are looking a lot like the doom everyone was being pre-conditioned to expect that really did not transpire.

This is devious beyond belief. Everything has been flipped. I don’t expect anyone would believe it, if I posted it 4 weeks ago, but maybe now, maybe now people are starting to see it for themselves. Then maybe it will make sense and lead to a better outcome for all.

Playing in the genetic garden like this, with wild abandon, well this is where playing G-D as a cost benefit exercise run live and dangerous cna only go one way.

'Cause one thing is for sure, history is replete with the outcome when Governments and globalist regimes and agencies play G-D, the final price is stacks of bodies in the millions, tens of millions maybe even hundreds of millions.


Could it be Political Ponerology?


Pages 137 (TP cirlce graphic) - 140 are very interesting.



Passive inhaled mRNA vaccination for SARS-Cov-2

The feasibility of inhaled RNA for passive transfection has also been proven in a number of studies [14]. On a mechanistic level, the inhaled RNA may lead to passive synthesis of non-infectious spike proteins using cell transfection machinery, hence leading to immunization of the individual.

Archive link:


To answer the question.

All the doom the world was pre-conditioned to expect in 2020, which many are in hindsight, wondering did anything even happen, turn your head around for a moment, as you turn you look around then continue turning your head to look forward for a moment.

Is it to occur this year? Has the world been lured into a false sense of salvation, which allows the delivery of the actual kill shot.

Discernment at the ready. More anecdotes of uninfected people, having rather serious symptoms from close contact with the partially or fully injected.

This is horror sci-fi level stuff. Just like the opening shots last year. Hmmm :thinking:


For the previous link:


































Suddenly you might remember this thread - Refrain from unprotected sex for 28 days n'stuff - Vaccine trials document


Yes, but there’s a big difference between transmitting something through bodily fluids & just being in the same room!

These stories are scary. I really hope it’s just the spike that is shedding and that people are reacting to. I’ve been near both AZ & Moderna vaccinated people.


We know nothing.

We don’t know what’s in the vials, the way no one knows who had what for dinner pst night unless they posted it on facebook. Truly. Oh you trust stuff, but hmm… moving on.

Placebo or the Full Whack?

Trials uses placebos no?

So this might account for those who have no reactions. The ones that do may have gotten a real dose. This is a giant global trials. Marketed as victory. Are there placebos of eula measure in the global of geo-specific stock? Who know what is what? Someone must be tracking it?

The UK put out a tender did they not for an AI system to help track post injection outcomes or something along those lines.

Are people being followed up on for 2 years post experiemtnal injection?

So what is going on eh. Is it dis-info? Is it actually real? Are they getting something else?

Remember the opening weeks of this event in 2020 were jammed with all kinds of crazy stuff, pulp fiction level sensational virally disseminated unverifiable madness, front-running the Coronavirus franchise launched by multiple governments all at once.

This is angle is veering into the depopulation fear hysteria. Why would they release something that kills everything?

Never made sense. Unless they are in orbit or in the underground paradises they’ve been building since the 50’s or whatever. I think management is always the play, with the depop as a signal jammer / mis-direction, let’s think more, management, ok get people in to an awful enough state that they always need constant management by their Big-Pharma powered Governments. Feels like that could be up ahead. The spinning of the polarity is going ot break more and more people. Is that part of that breaking process? Is this more of the mental torture?

The Mirror Flip

Are we are looking at a perfect flip of all the 2020 opening positions for 2021.

Those who don’t want the injection are continuing to grow fearful of those who got it, they are swapping places in this scenario with all those people who were really afraid they would get the coronaviruss last year and socially-distanced, not seeing anyone, put on the mask and followed through on all the pomp and ceremony, this same group lining up for the experimental injections believe they are going to get their life back and thus, will be like someone who picked up a burst bag of flour and put it in their trolley only to find when they approach the till, they’ve Jackson Pollacked the local supermarket. All the while the ones who spotted the perps early on are now a minority and terrified of greater society of shedders and will be classed as the weirdo anti-social-distancers, are now slipping all over the aisles (flour) as they hurriedly dash to stock up on as many tins of baked beans, masks, supplements and bullets as they can muster… it’s a devilishly clever psycho-flip.

Ok game out more:

Imagine this is true, imagine this is actually happening, assume the worst, assume it is out of control. A great genomic cataclysmic is underway, the pandoras box that will require divine intervention to right is GO!

Is there any point in doing anything in such a context? Ok so you say there might be, all you can do is take a very cautious approach. Take a super risk averse approach. How do you convince the rest of the world to do the same? They won’t believe you now. You told them the Virus was all a bit fat nothing. Harldy anon knows anyone who got or if they do, hardly anyone who died, who wasn’t already suffering and old. They still got injected or are counting down the days. Why believe you now?

First thing is you stop this or else what?

The teachers get their way. They get the injections of the majority in society. Your children are locked indoors most of th week with these fast-tracked shedders. Suddenly all your children are exposed to this potential shedding. Whole classrooms of young girls getting early periods, to early for their years. Things like that. What else?

The grandparents are now dosed up to the gills, if they are still able to walk etc. what are you going to do? - you leave the kids with them or go for a family dinner, the whole family turns red from irritations and bruises. You text in your message to this lady it becomes a screen grab that goes viral online, more people become even more afraid.

What else…





Remember the Super Spreaders meme pumped out by the MSM very out early on in frenzied media coverage? Hmmm…to borrow and coin a phrase Super Shedders. Another mirror flip.

Are we at the that phase in this 2021 phase of the event?

BTW that video is the same source as the link a few posts back, but the sources website has even more info some of it posted in this topic too.

Here is an archive link