Bloomberg:Bank of Ire, Allied Irish Said to Pass EU’s Tests … ngY&pos=10

My God, is this actually a piece of genuinely good news??

Depends on whether you believe AIB will raise that money or not

Smoke and mirrors.

It’s BOI where I wonder what lies beneath.

Ignoring the substantial developer loans remaining on the books, BOI’s Corporate / SME loans grew like bejaysus. They could be perfectly good loans, but the rate of growth and the economic backdrop aren’t reassuring.

Corporate / SME loans(m’s):

31-Mar-05 17,898 31-Mar-06 22,665 31-Mar-07 27,138 31-Mar-08 30,568 30-Sep-08 37,800

So them lending 3 bn a year to SME for the next two years, given likely rollovers, is a shrinkage of how much?!

Gotta love the European CNBC guys, not like the BS you hear from the States… … z0uWUEzm7r … report.pdf

lol. look at this Gem…

Irish Unemployment…

2011 Benchmark

2011 Adverse

lol… what a joke, so we are now above the stress test variables used…

I guess that means they see things improving…

FS… Confidence… Rally on stock mkts…

Here is another Gem


2011 Benchmark
Commerical 6% decline
Residential 2.5%

2011 Adverse
Commerical 8% Decline
Residential 5 % Decline

Ireland Inc Property price declinesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss