Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Deserving of its own thread as this this is not just about Ireland. However skip forward to approx 21:30 for what the future could hold for Irish Water.

Edit: original youtube link dead … 81233.html

The Water Bandits: Drought Is Driving Californians to Theft

In the new Wild West, law enforcement is scrambling to respond. … ft/382611/

Almonds are sucking California dry.
They use far more water than other crops, and are mostly sent abroad. … ter-crises

No surprise here at all. … 04664.html

I think we all know the real question: who the fuck are Orb Media? How did they get their press release in every major global newspaper, pointedly referencing them by name multiple times?

I nearly got sick reading the garbage touted about them on their webpage.

But you don’t dispute that there is a lot of micro plastic strands in Irish public water supplies.