This will be interesting:

Pensioners under represented on Boards - people who won’t be arsed actually voting /aren’t registered possibly over represented;

Yeah, it will be a younger demographic… but should get a much bigger sample that any other poll.

True, it will be heavily skewed towards a younger age profile who probably won’t bother to vote.
Based on the first 1,000 votes, the 1st Preferences:,y,x&cht=bhs&chxl=1:|Green%20Party|Fianna%20Fail|Sinn%20Fein|Others|Labour|Fine%20Gael|2:|Percent%20of%20Votes%20Cast&chxp=2,50&chd=t:97,80,46,29,20,11&chs=370x225&chco=067db5|fc0000|df0174|ff7613|017d63|74df00&chxr=0,0,35&chbh=a,10

if you select your constituency you can vote by candidate

Granted it’ll be unscientific and skewed towards younger people but the Friday polling date might mean more young 'uns vote this time around

completlely unscientific, multiple accounts possible, no proper sampling.
its a bit of fun but completely pointless, regardless of sample size

All I can say that if this represents a younger demographic, then there’s hope for the country yet, assuming most are not forced to emigrate in the near future of course.

I don’t know how you see that. The top two pro IMF parties with 60% or so of the vote between them are committed to bleeding the country dry in the interests of private debtors. Add IMFF’s support and it looks like 2 out of 3 voters supporting emigration and the hollowing out of Irish society. There is no hope based on this.

Sorry. I should have clarified. I mean from the point of wiping Fianna Fáil out. Regardless of other parties.

Well yes - that is cause for some satisfaction, tempered though by the realisation that the likely alternative government will merely apply the coup de grace. To Ireland I mean. Sadly, nobody is running on a platform of promising to execute all FF TDs.

That’s a great start! 8DD

Love it.

1 vote for F40GaffsF in Galway West

I’m surprised there wasn’t a greater representation from the left. At the end of the day Ireland is a very conservative country but I would have expected more votes for the likes of People before Profit considering the representation of yonger people in this poll.

Lefties don’t hang around boards… :angry:


.ie… You dolt! :unamused:

Plenty of pinkos on Boards, Clare Daly is topping Dublin North in that poll.

But I wonder if it allow the nordies to vote early and vote often as is their wont :nin

And so she should, doesn’t necessarily mean any lefties on there… Clare excites many a vote… :smiling_imp:

I get the strong feeling that the Sinners are going to be a formidable force in the next Dail. While I don’t agree with their policies (IRA stuff aside) It will force change in Irish politics, and that frankly cannot be a bad thing what with Enda and his band of merry “up Mayo” men likely to try and take over from where FF left off if left unchecked.
The next Dail wont last more than 18 months anyhow so its all a bit moot.