Bob Janjuah on Zero Hedge

One for the bears. … njuah.html

The last paragraph also contains this interest tidbit:

That is currently my position also. How long Mr. Weber will remain the driving force remains to be seen, we have the economic giants of Cyprus, Malta and Slovenia to contend with…

Dont see anything in this ‘heavy’ post that hasnt been said on the Pin or elsewhere…

Nope. But the argument still rages :smiley:

To be fair to him…This guy has been harping on about a crash for at least the last 4 years. He worked in the Credit Derivatives groups of various banks UBS/RBS etc and at the peak of the bubble became known as “Bob the Bear”. In fact, rumour has it that his bosses told him to change his tune or else at one point…Luckily for him that was at the point when it all started to fall apart and he gained a kind of cult status in the world he covered