Boghall Cottages, Boghall Road, Bray (-25k, -9%)

Was [*275k * (

Now [*250k * (

-25k, -9%

As an aside have noted this week on this forum quite a few drops on properties in Bray being handled by Sherry Fitzgerald including the 1st sub 100k house I have seen advertised in Bray in donkeys year. Summer sale in full swing with more discounts to come??

Have noticed this all over Bray. Several of Sherry’s properties have dropped their prices with a few others following suit.

Prices do appear to be heading in the right direction with a number of 3 bed semi’s currently region €250k+/- starting to reflect daftwatchs graph on average prices for 3 beds.

I think by Christmas we may be looking at prices for reasonable condition/area 3 bed semis at €200k. 8DD

Yeah, prices have been very sticky in Bray for a long time, but asking price drops are finally happening across the board.
Still a long way to go, though.

I have been keeping tabs on 4 beds under €400k and under €300k for over a year now, and will post my table in the near future.
Hopefully I will soon be able to add a category under €250k