Bohernabreena Road, Sth. Dublin (-800k, -66.6%)

Who wants to be a millionaire?

From the property bee:

Wed 06 May 2009 13:47:40 GMT
* Price changed: from ‘Region €1,200,000’ to ‘Region €995,000’

BER Rating - F
1,400 sq foot - €711 per square foot

Though it says South County Dublin, I’m pretty sure it’s Dublin 24 :unamused: :open_mouth:

yikes :open_mouth:

This is a dillusional, bordering on vomit inducing price.

What the flip is wrong with this country!?

Now 770K

(-35% on the original 1.2m)

The EA obviously decided that was a little offputting & removed that from the ad.

That really is an amazingly bad rating, I would have bet you could take the roof off & still get a solid E rating :nin

Now €695K

or -42% from the original 1.2m tag.

I think the fact that the living room is so large plus that room has velux windows drags the BER rating down. I heard that the BER rating of the living room itself can either increase or reduce the rating of the whole house.

Now €650,000.


Bohernabreena is Dublin 24, though it is pretty much in the countryside.
Bohernabreena has a row of terrace houses/semi-d’s beside Ballycragh, then a bunch of bungalows going all the way up the mountains past the graveyard and church.
It is a relatively nice spot, I’d probably pay about 300k for that house

I wouldn’t pay that much. Its on a busy road, far from amenities. Ballycragh is too close.

I am assuming that the map is wrong, they frequently are in rural locations. I don’t recall ever seeing a house like that on the Bohernabreena to Ballinascorney Rd, though it may be hidden by hedges from the road.

If it is on a busy road I wouldn’t pay as much, proximity to Ballycragh wouldn’t really bother me if you fell into the Glenasmole catchment area for schools, and the Old Mill is a decent pub.

Anyway, it is all academic as it is horrendously overpriced :smiley:
I bet in 5 mins on daft, I could find 10 better houses in better locations

If its the house I’m thinking of then its on the right hand side, as your heading uphill, just before the church. Yeah, the Old Mill is quite nice :slight_smile:

I don’t think proximity to Ballycragh is much of an issue, it’s a decent enough walk up a hill to put off most scumbags. It is the house on the right just before the church yeah. I think it’s probably worth about 250K in reality.

Does the 49B/C/…/Z even go up there any more?

I don’t think so, but there is a local shuttle bus, I guess that is still running infrequently.
I was right earlier, the map location shows it as on the road to Ballinascorney/Brittas, whereas it is on a different road, towards the Church & Piperstown, as you say.

I do like the bar and pool table :smiley: I honestly would pay extra for that

Now back up to €695K.

Pass the crack pipe love.

This disappeared for a while, but is now back… €475K

Now €425K.

This is it for anyone curious.

Now €400K.