BoI takes over troubled Shovlin assets (Beacon Sandyford)

Its amazing how repetitive this kind of story has become to us.
Anyone care to guess how far into the ‘development reposessions’ we are ?
Start, middle, end ?

Why Paddy Shovlin first? Is it because he is a truly nice person, honest caring and a good guy. Or was he chosen as NAMA’s first legal battle due to his ‘other’ persoanlity traits. … 44286.html


Beacon builder to start over debt free - Ronald Quinlan -> … 97108.html

He may have other sites which are Shovlin-ready! :-GC

The IT has finally run with a story that it got from the Pandora Papers last September.

It seems Shovlin and the two Fitzpatricks forgot to include a huge site in Warsaw among their assets during their English bankruptcy from which they were discharged years ago.