BoI the one to monitor



Dan says that the rates are at their highest and will be coming down.


Rates might come down (ECB rates) but credit will get more expensive. So yes, technically he is correct :slight_smile:


There was a mention in one of yesterday’s papers about rumours of a takeover approach for BOI. But I suppose these rumours come round every couple of weeks.



Irish Life & Permanent said a while back that they were ok because they had all the funding they needed till October. Well, it’s October now and 3 month euribor is 79 basis points above base rates, having risen slightly at the end of last week.


That is why has just BoI announced an increase in its tracker rater for new mortgages (+.15% I think, so more might follow if things don’t unwind shortly).

PTSB shouldn’t be far behind.



Hmmm…what are the bets BOI will oh-so-quietly drop this interest on current accounts within a year, or at least reduce the rate?


They plan to drop it in February. The offer is a joke. People will probably fall for it though.


Agreed, on both counts.


Didn’t AIB already make an equally pointless offer (without the 10-odd% introductory rate)

Edit: actually it did have an introductory rate … annel=P004



Remember AIB were the one of the last to introduce ‘free banking’?

Customers were switching their current accounts in droves to other banks at the time and AIB were forced to offer free banking as well!
(Mrs gurramok was one of these)

Something mean spirited in that bank :imp:








BOI was actually on Merrill’s least preferred list for a few months running, they took them off last month and then put them back on this month.