BoI the one to monitor


Got a letter from KBC (apparently sent by BOI) to my BOI account address asking me to switch my account to KBC.



Just my address then!


KBC would have supplied the material to BOI who addressed and posted it.


15 European banks, including Bank of Ireland, downgraded by S&P … t-ratings/


BoI bondholder world’s best-paid hedge fund manager in 2013 - -> … -1.1786486


Security chaos at BoI as files left on public transport - Sarah McCabe -> … 01043.html


11063 separate mortgages for staff members.
In August 2013 they claimed average staff numbers of 11998.
on average each mortgage would be for 110k.
It appears the biggest staff benefit on offer was mortgage approval with no questions asked.
I wonder how BIK was treated on this.
With so many mortgages outstanding I doubt most of the staff can afford to retire or take redundancy.

#1008 … ovenia.pdf … r-2013.pdf … ment-.html

So BoI has purple, red or amber classifications


Smart boy getting out before the stress tests …

Wilbur Ross to sell entire Bank of Ireland shareholding … -ross-boi/


Will the government resist the temptation to buy?


So wilbur ross doesn’t fancy having his money raided by the irish mortgage holders organisation, under instruction of the central bank, and dept. of finance.

These crazy foreign capitalists and their high moral hazards.


But the Indo says the economy is now firing on all four cylinders (apparently we are a four stroke engine) and recovery has taken hold - what’s come over Wilbur has he lost his mind?


IMO it has very little to do with the stress tests and a lot to do with banking their 160% profit and moving on :slight_smile:


Only 160%! I’m sure if he felt he could get more, and at such a low share price still, he’d have hung on. Far more to this than just ‘banking the profits’


Wilbur Ross coming up on the repeat of Who is Buying Ireland Rte 1


‘Who is selling Ireland’ :smiling_imp:


Yes and no.
They already got their initial investment back.
What they are taking now is pure profit.
The question is … why exit (lock, stock and barrel) so soon after getting back your original investment ?

They were on a risk-free trip to the stars ! :angry:

Maybe they think they can pull off the same magic with Ulster ?


They say they will be looking at some southern European distressed assets and they probably won’t be banking. Another phase is past with Wilbur pulling out of BOI. I’ve no doubt the share price will react negatively tomorrow morning but he was always going to sell and move on. Also may not have wanted to sell everything but was well advised to do it all in one go instead of set up the expectation of a third and final sale in 3 months time.


And then buy it back for less after the stress tests!


BOIs market cap is over 9B - over half it’s bubble peak. Nice for a company “generating capital” since Jan 1st. So much future upside in the share price not hard to understand the decision to sell.