BoI the one to monitor


I’m an extremely rare complainer, but I thank my lucky stars that years ago when BoI threatened to impose fees on my current account, I wrote to them and politely told them to take a run and jump. That was the good old days: they relented and I’ve still never paid an account charge. Hopefully they’ll continue to forget about me.


I’m with Ulster Bank and decided I was going to move to PTSB when they introduced monthly charges which was insult after last years IT fiasco’s injury and zero compensation so far. Apart from the IT stuff a while back UB have been really great, zero complaints. So i filled out all the forms etc to move to PTSB. The Visa debit cards arrived for me and the missus with misspellings on both.
I thought this wouldn’t be a biggie to fix right ?
Turns out its harder to fix a misspelled name then set up an account with them. That coupled with the absolute PITA getting an overdraft (small, in case of emergency ) approved with them - they were questioning what the monthly transfers to a KBC account marked as “savings” were for (I have this account for years , surely the credit check shows them that this is not a debt??) I paid a deposit of €50 last summer for my childs place in the local creche next year (free government place) and they wanted to know how I was paying my fees and apparently it was inconceivable to them that my stay at home wife would be looking after the kiddies so I have no creche fees and this massive €50 sum was infact a refundable deposit to secure a place? There were multiple small items niggling items like this.

Long story short , my overriding impression was that PTSB are a bunch of buffoons and I’m staying with UB (have since moved a little extra into it so the balance shouldn’t fall below 3k so semi free fees (almost zero interest lost).


PTSB is a joke of a bank.

I’m sorry, but who wants to listen to “easy” listening Lighthouse Family/Bono background music when queueing to lodge a cheque?

People who listen to FM104 and drive a hire purchase Mini Coopers are the type of people who do business at PTSB.


BoI delisting from the NYSE and terminating ADR facility … 1-2015.pdf


What’s the goal of doing this?


It is a small bank, I am sure there is a cost to being listed and does it add any value to the business.


And SOX requirements are hideous and in many cases a waste of time

A few insurers have delisted too


I always thought that NYSE listings were “vanity” listings for a lot of US companies. Never understood what concrete benefits there are.


There’s an element of that certainly - CEO gets to ring the bell! - but US investors are restricted from holding non-US listed stock in a lot of cases, so having a US listing increases the pool of potential investors, which should in theory lead to a higher valuation of their shares

The trend has certainly been to delist rather than list in recent years, with the cost of maintaining the listing the reason usually given

Irish Aircraft leasing company Avolon decided to list solely on NYSE when it IPO’d recently, this makes sense from them as their business is international and all their competitors are listed there


Bank of Ireland reports profits of €920m last year

Bank of Ireland said today that its gross new lending to customers in 2014 was €10 billion, a 50% increase, and it said that it is seeing encouraging signs of increased credit demand across its residential mortgage, SME and corporate businesses. … d-results/


A dividend payment would be most welcome…

Fast FT


" rocketed" in this sense means they rose from 32cent at close yesterday to 34 cent today.
It’s all relative I suppose.
I wonder what Dr, Dan McLaughlin would make of it all. Never mind. He’s retired now with a fat pension. He wins.


Far from it my dear boy, far from it …

Dan McLaughlin Economics provides an economic consultancy service with particular expertise in the following areas:.


Why am I not surprised. I’m amazed he hasn’t done the circuit of Sunday magazine radio shows. Marian et all would be sure to give him a ‘soft landing’ as it were. Mike Soden was flavour of the month for long enough. He got on the Central Bank commission after all.



Lot of shares moving in BOI today?


Not much happening with share price still at 34c.


Related to this I wonder? … 17452.html

Seems a relatively small amount.


I heard Odey has been shorting BOI for a good while and Webb’s linking of the trade to the latest bout of “crisis” is wide of the mark