BoI the one to monitor


BOI have been double-charging Mrs Mantissa for her debit card transactions this weekend; i.e. things are appearing twice on her statement. Anyone else have that issue?


Has happened with my card for last few months on atm transactions and debits in shops…seems to rectify itself within a day or 2 when the second listing just disappears. Rang Boi few times but got no credible response


Also lecturing on Economics in DIT Aungier.


When is BOI going to start paying a dividend?


Yep, same here. Happened a few days ago with a petrol purchase. But I’ve seen it numerous times before. I’ve noticed that most debit card transactions initially show up without all the merchant details – there might be a POS terminal number but not a company name. This changes after a day or two, and those duplicate transactions seem to go away as part of the same reconciliation.


What a fucked way to do it. You might also incur overdraft charges or have your card blocked if you were right at empty. Morons.


This happens me regularly in my local super valu when paying by debit card.
The machine says ‘take your card’, but after you do, the transaction (at the till) say’s it didn’t go through.

So you have to re-do it.
It then appears twice on your statement, with the first transaction being removed about 3-5 days later.


Savers lose out as Bank of Ireland cuts deposit rate to 0pc - -> … 85690.html


BoI post another huge €1bn plus profit, yet their shares have barely budged around 23cent. They look to be well out of the woods ages ago yet nobody is buying this story it seems.

Why is an irish bank largely out of state control a poor play, yet wall street and washington ultra insiders like goldman sachs, cerberus et al are plenty happy to run major exposure to Irish commercial and residential property. It can’t aĺl be a section 110 corp tax angle.


any sign of a divident being paid?


Next year apparently. Blaming brexit caution for not paying out this year


Actually fell around 3 percent. It really depends on whether you believe the figures or not - there was a view about 18 months ago that BOI was going to go hard on it’s loan book - it hasn’t and I suspect that’s political pressure (I think BOI is out of state control in name only) - that also probably means that the loan book has been massaged to within an inch of it’s life. Richie Boucher is a steadying hand, a plodder, he’s been there a long time, he was almost certainly the right choice in 2009 - he’s not now - BOI need leadership not management. To improve your share price you need to expand or pay a dividend. There’s no scope for expansion in Ireland and nobody in their right mind would consider expanding in the UK (the only other market BOI has got involved in - see my point about laziness in another thread) in the current mess. BOI under Richie Boucher won’t expand into Europe - which is what they have to do if they want to see a higher share price. I suspect he was hoping to pay a dividend this year to boost the share price so he could cash his chips and get out. A 3 per cent fall for the lack of dividend is about right I think. Someone suggested to me last year that BOI shares would go to 75p by the end of this year - I don’t see that at all - I think it will be lucky to see the 35p it saw last year in the next 18 months - and even that will require a change of management.


I brought a few shares Thursday @ 22.9

Roughyly speaking the bank made €750m and has a market capitalisation of €7.5b - seems like a fair punt to me :slight_smile:

#1094 … b5ef3d2f65


42 seems young for a role like this. Has she enough experience?
Or is that all they can get for the paltry salary + benefits on offer!


With over 2,000 people in the UK banking industry on compensation on >€1m per year, I would think she is doing this for the fun and not the money.


More likely she is looking at her long-term salary.
CEO of a bank in a country with a basket case property market probably looks good on the CV.
…Providing it all doesn’t go south.


Looks like she rolled out Touch and Voice ID in HSBC.


Some know-nothing interviewed on Morning Ireland opined that McDonagh’s unique contribution would be to bring a woman’s perspective to a male-dominated culture.



Because you know for sure that there is zero sexism in the Irish banking industry, right?