BoI the one to monitor


I’ll wager MacDonagh’s unique contribution is she has a very small family so can help uphold Boucher and the government’s one-child policy, even though all the evidence shows children do better and are healthier coming from large families


I’m sure she explained what she meant by woman’s perspective in great detail.


She has the purposeful “lean against the wall” in the picture. Obviously top stuff.


here’s some evidence that children don’t do better in large families :slight_smile: … 93936.html


There is sexism everywhere. It’s human nature to respond differently to people based on how they look.

What I find unacceptable is the equal-and-opposite reaction argument that a woman has special skills particular to her gender.

The appropriate countermeasure to lazy generalisations is not more lazy generalisations, it’s specificity. I can see that McDonagh is a woman. I don’t care. If I wanted to know anything about her, it’s what skills and experience she brings to the job. (I don’t actually care about that either, because I don’t work for BoI, but that’s not the point)


Yep, you want the best person possible to run the operation regardless of age/sex. Especially, you know, as we’ve contributed so much to bailing it out.

Oops on the voice recognition:


Could that have anything to do with children from educated parents do better than those with less education ?
And do educated parents have less kids than less educated ones ?

Ergo, the child’s success is determined by the educational standards of the parents rather than the family size ?


Except that it’s a function of time spent with the child, effectively hot housing by play. The more children you have, the less time you can spend individually with them. There’s probably a magic number.


Fair enough, I didn’t hear the segment.

Almost all men will claim that they are not sexist. Most women will tell you that they have or will experience it at some point. So the truth is presumably in the middle.

I don’t think anyone can realistically claim that they neither notice nor care about gender in the workplace. It’s impossible to avoid. Everywhere I have ever worked has had lots of men at the top of the organisation and lots of women at the bottom.

Personally, I try to recall that a) I am a man; 2) sexism is something that women suffer at the hands of men. Maybe I am the first man without such tendencies, but probably not. So I very consciously watch how I act and behave around female colleagues.

But again, that’s just me.


Delinquency and violent criminality is also the almost exclusive domain of men. Do you go around fretting that you might be a violent criminal, unbeknownst to yourself?


The academic field of gender studies that promotes the concept of male privilege does so in a highly questionable manner.
‘The Conceptual Penis’: Academic Hoax Exposes Absurdity Of Gender Studies


If a man treated a woman the same way he treats his other male friends, she could well perceive that as sexist.
But that’s not to say the intention was sexist.


Great spot - let’s see if the Irish media pick up on this. RTE had a detailed report on the launch last year, quoting her prominently. … c-banking/

Could it really be so simple to hack this system and, if so, what tests did HSBC run before assuring their customers it was safer than PIN codes?

A happy coincidence, no doubt, for HSBC that the BBC report comes just a day after the news that she is leaving them for BoI.

I seriously doubt BoI will run Voice-ID after this, but they will make good use of her other major specialty - closing branches.


Great spot, IXUS.

Could it really be so simple to hack this system and, if so, what tests did HSBC run before assuring their customers it was safer than PIN codes?

Let’s see if the Irish media pick up on this. RTE gave it a big push when it was launched, including quotes from herself. … c-banking/

I doubt she’ll be rolling out Voice-ID here - more like BoI hired her for really speciality: closing branches: … in-the-uk/

Strong results again. Shares still just bouncing along


E7.67 per share
Roughly 1.5% yield


Juxtapose this.

Hiring the former head of a bookies as Chairman of a bank. Red flagging individuals applying for mortgages who have bookies activities on their accounts.

Surely a bookie as Chairman of a bank is the exact wrong culture fit.


Disappointing results for BoI pile pressure on CEO. IT claims BoI is worst performing Irish Bank but AIB share price has tracked BoI for two years now. … -1.3806167
Politicians want no evictions but the ECB is losing patience with our NPLs. Who’d have believed BoI wouldn’t want any more deposits?

What happens when interest rates increase? Will we ever fix our banks?


The Competition authority is warning BoI about market signalling.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)>

repeats its call for officers of Bank of Ireland to refrain from making public statements, regarding future price increases of its financial products that could potentially amount to a breach of competition law".

Seems like BoI is going to increase rates and wants its “competitors” to follow suit. BoI are certainly the market leader. I’m sure AIB would be delighted to increase their rates if they could tell their largest shareholder (Minister Donohoe) that “all the boys are doing it”.


Maybe I was misreading the situation - I should have said AIB would be delighted to cut their rates if they could unload their NPLs.

The new rates sound great, but NB:

AIB said the revised fixed rates come into effect from April 10 for all new customers and existing variable rate customers who wish to opt for a fixed rate.