BONO - The Most Artful Tax Dodger

BONO - (saviour of mankind) has been voted the most ARTFUL TAX DODGER by the NewInternationalist magazine.

ARTFUL in the senses of the Artful Dodger , I presume.
Maybe he is still happy cos he made the cover of another glossy .
Jammie Dodgers …

Don’t get me started on this clown.

I’ve pointed this out to numerous people in Ireland - and the response I get is shameful.

He’s a tax dodger, plain and simple. No amount of ego driven posturing with worlds “great and good” can hide the fact. I hate his whole approach to this. I think someone in another thread made the point that charidee was being used to hide all manner of other fucking about by these people. Bono is one big, hideous example of this.

"People like Bono really annoy me. He goes to hell and back to avoid paying tax. He has a special accountant. He works out Irish tax loopholes. And then he’s asking me to buy a well for an African village. "Tarmac the road outside your house, you tight-wad! Or pay for a school in Ireland. "I’ve never met Bono and now I probably never will. But if I do meet him I’ll ask him because I think it’s a really hard thing to justify. “I pay a lot of tax. By most people’s standards I am rich so I should pay my tax because I can afford it. When I didn’t want to pay it was when I didn’t have any money.”

Graham Norton.

Begrudgers!!! :smiling_imp:

Great quote


I don’t normally have much time for Graham Norton but fair play to him.

Bono has contributed more to Ireland than any tax money could ever buy…

I always feel great pride when I hear a U2 song in the most isolated areas of the world… you can’t buy that sort of thing.

Stan - nostalgic nationalistic drivel

What has he contirbuted??? As for “most isolated areas of the world” ,what are you on about?

I like U2’s music but Bono is an pompous little cretin, all his posturing is merely feeding his overblown ego.

In the backs of beyonds in Africa, South America, Asia etc you’ll always hear a U2 song… then you tell whoever you’re with: “Yep - I’m from the same country as dem”… does the heart good…

the trouble with God is he thinks he’s Bono!

He used to think that but McGuinness put him in his place.

They always ask… Where are you from? And then they lash on the U2! Does my fucking head in, I’ve gone thousands of miles just to avoid U2…

The only fun moment was when I translated: “Where the streets have no name” into French…

Bono is Irish and a musician whether he pays tax or not; your point is a meaningless false dichotomy. A far greater wrong IMO is the thrash that gets tax exemption (not that I think this exemption should exist at all) in direct contradiction of the Revenue guidelines. I don’t see any art in Cecilia Ahern’s (daughter of Bertie) scribblings or in Westlife’s (one of whom is married to Bertie’s other daughter) Barry Manilow covers.

Paying tax is not a charity. However Bono has big plans about how to spend your tax monies. Besides, some of his best friends are property developers :wink:

the UN says that $4bn would cure world hunger. the fed and ecb printing press over runs come to more thn that everyday.

speaking of Ahern family misdeeds, whatever happened to those plagarism charges against the scribbling daughter, whose first book bore remarkable similarity to a Korean (?) book or film?

Yeah but most of the time poeple think they are a UK band.

I read a Q editorial around the time of POP and there was not one mention of Dublin and the major gist was they burst out of the london scene.

Not on the planet I inhabit.

It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the world to bve avoiding tax on one hand and then calling for debt forgiveness on the other.

I always figured Ahern junior was originally only intended to be a loss leader for some publisher trying to position herself close to Bertie for the REAL book after a few years - his memoirs, where the serious money would be made.
So from a deal making view, cleaning up on the father AND the daughter IS very artful, no?