Boom times (2016 Special Edition)


Brasher are an excellent brand too, friends have them and the leather boots are lighter and as tough as my Berghaus.

I tried a pair of Brasher and their weight was excellent but their sizing was just off for my foot unfortunately. Same thing happens for me with Merrell boots too however my wifes Merrell’s have lasted a long time too.

Different brands seem to have very different fits for the same sizes.


Hitting the rental market now…contributing to the (already) high amount of expensive pads in the area…

2 bed: €7k

3 bed: €8.5k


This looks very much like a case of setting a rent that no-one will pay. This allows the valuation of the entire investment to be based on this asking rent. However if someone actually pays a rent at this level it will set the valuation. So it’s a win/win for the developer. If no one rents at the rate then the auditors should force a valuation based on an average local value (which is probably closer to 3k). If I was an investor in whoever buys (or has bought) this group of apartments I would be very wary of the valuation. Valuation based on future income is very dangerous (Datalex is a good example of what can go wrong and its possible that the role of auditors in this will be examined closely).


Rents for 2 bedroom units in the GCB area are now circa €3.5k per month.

The market might be small but it definitely exists e.g. units in the Intercontinental are renting at €6k+ per month


Penthouse in Hanover Quay @2975

Price pressure coming in GCD?


Nice unit in one of the weaker blocks in the area. Maybe the relatively low price is due to the rent caps bitting :smiley:


Picture 7. Is that art?




A variant of Anime (Japanese). I didn’t zoom in closely but looks like one of the softer genres. The Chan’s were all about that stuff, don’t go there if you haven’t, unless you’re a parent and need to prime up - Like parents have a clue about this fair, hardly I’d say… it’s all “manga”, which is like saying little Johnny loves his “books” or “comics”, we’re not talking about little Johnnys annual subscription to The Beano anymore, oh no… :whistle: