Boom times (2016 Special Edition)


In the article it says 9 houses, 500 apartments.



more apartments on the n11 do we really need a load of apartments in the suburbs


is chris andrews high??


It’s a great location for apartments - it’d be a complete waste to build houses on it (not to mention completely unfeasible financially given the price they’ve paid).


i get that, its all that you can do really. im not sure more apartments is whats required there however.

its not a location that would do it for me personally, not walking distance to town, ballsbridge is 20min on foot so you only really have donnybrook which is a thoroughfare. Landsdowne place for example would appeal a lot more.


Lansdowne place is obviously lovely but we do not need more luxury apartments. We need affordable housing for first time buyers so this development sounds ideal


Nope, he’s just very stupid. Even by Irish politician standards


where does it say that this is going to be affordable housing for first time buyers?


i was thinking about it after, its the usual sinn fein trick of shouting nonsense from the sidelines, its not something thats in the realms of possibility but it sounds good for his supporters


Nope, I stand by my stupid comment from earlier!
Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2 … 87866.html


My Fitbit tells me there circa 1200 steps between Donnybrook Church and the Embassy Grill - a distance I can cover in about 8 minutes when I am hungary :slight_smile: I can also walk into Grafton Street in about 25 mins.

As regards shopping, I find Donnybrook to be far superior to Ballsbridge which has a very limited range of shops.

IMO it is a great site for a high density development.


By virtue of location, these apartments won’t be remotely ‘affordable’ - they might be similar to Marianella, in terms of being in an expensive location but not aimed at the absolute high-end like Lansdowne Place, i.e. none of the ultra-high end finishes and common areas.

I think Montrose is in a great location. I’ve lived in multiple homes on adjacent roads and I would choose to live there over Ballsbridge village as the place is just dominated by offices and takeaways - Montrose as a location is far more residential but still in close proximity to Donnybrook village, which is nicer than Ballsbridge IMO.


It’s not really all that suburban, is it? There are loads of apartments in the area, and it’s walkable into town at a pinch (Google Maps says 50 minutes, but I’d have thought more like 40…) They were never going to be building a bunch of semi-detached houses on this site.


thats why i dont think theres a need for a load more, but anyway given the price of the site there isnt anything else viable


yes id imagine the apartments will be at the 750k+ mark, maybe more, Cairn appear pretty aggressive on pricing. i have lived there too (on greenfield park) and think its a bit of a nothing location personally but each to their own.


Fek me, I’m getting old

Dublin teens in three-day queue for €188 Kanye West trainers
Why queue for trainers? They ‘make you feel special’ … -1.3131520


^^ Trainers? Conor Lally has gone all west-Brit.

They’re either runners or sneakers. Something something 1916 something something.


I’d take trainers before sneakers tbh.

Those teens are likely sitting on a e400-500 profit so not a bad way to spend your idle time.


Surely it can’t be a coincidence that, at €188 - they’re priced exactly the same as the weekly job-seekers allowance?


Teens can’t claim job-seekers allowance.