Boom times (2016 Special Edition)


€193 since Leo Varadkar increased it in March :laughing:


Fecking Tory :open_mouth: :confused: :smiley:


That 26% growth rate – from startled earwigs to stars in our eyes … -our-eyes/

Good post, though quite long, from Seamus Coffey explaining what caused the 26% GDP figure in 2015 to where we are now


FF calls for tax cuts for developers … 2-Sep2017/

Nobody does radical as badly as FF!


Around my Manor in SCD a lot of dross and stuff that has lingered-long seems to be getting hoovered.


Estate agent gushes:
Valued an apartment today in Dublin 2 for €580k. Sold it for €288k summer 2013. Timing is everything in real estate.


The Nord Anglia school in Sandyford will offer the International Baccalaureate to both Irish and global students.
Fees €15,900 - €24,000 per year, per student. … 78770.html


^^ working link … 78770.html


Mr Riverdeep is back 8DD


Full page estate agent ad on page 5 IrishExaminer


Copy is not their strong point - life vs live :slight_smile:


It does actually say “live”. Terrible typography though.




I must admit at first glance I thought it said:



Due to rising property values, the CSO says: every person in the country has an net worth of €150,768

Boom is back 8DD


Fab! Bring back home equity loans immediately. Because we’re worth it!


Car traffic jams are everywhere. Lots of drivers taking stupid risks to get ahead in the jam

Hotel prices have gone nuts


I’ve noticed a lot more L & N/L drivers on the road. I’ve noticed a lot of people driving really badly in this category but not always but I’m going to say in main. Taking incredible risks or simply moronic mistakes that betray a lack of situational driving awareness. It’s actually very worrying.

We probably need a Driving 101 thread at this point hybridised with “insurance” costs.


Jams only because sub prime lending has taken over car financing, car deals being offered to people who really cannot afford them, no job? don’t worry, here ya go - it’s the next blow up bubble and not just here


The increasingly frightening thing for me, which others have commented on here, but seems to get limited coverage on MSM is:

  • the economy has probably grown by close to 20% in last 4 years.
  • Government revenue is up around the same.
  • we are still as a country borrowing to fund OpEx (which is madness).
  • we have not really decreased the state’s debt burden bar refinancing the interest payments.
  • Brexit could throw a spanner at us, that could plunge us into deficit easily.
  • we are still as a country borrowing to fund OpEx (which is madness!!).
  • we are still as a country borrowing to fund OpEx (WHICH IS F#CKING MADNESS!!).