Boom times (2016 Special Edition)


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Way more expensive than other fee-paying schools because the State doesn’t pay its teachers. Why not? I assume because they are not teaching the Leaving Cert.

How much would you pay to get your child out of the Leaving? The IB is more demanding intellectually but the students won’t be having nightmares about the exams for the rest of their lives :unamused:


Not to much more expensive than Clongowes @ €19,500

However Clongowes is a boarding school.


That’s a big difference.

Clongowes is such excellent value, it could solve our housing problem. It would be cheaper to pay for 25 years of boarding at Clongowes than to construct a single unit of affordable housing in Dublin. And the residents will be fed and educated XX … -1.3636271


EU says that Ireland economy is to grow 4.5% in 2019
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Party on dude!

We are wealthier than during the boom, says Central Bank
Central Bank data shows net worth of State households hit record figure of €757bn … -1.3691310


That true? €478 disposable weekly income


Nah, we’ve much more than that now I’m sure, that report is from the Survey of Income and Living Conditions 2017

Just released today… 8DD


Well you’ve no excuse for not paying your debts down so


The best of times (almost)! … -1.3734019
The (almost) worst of times! … -1.3734346
Pinsters know that “below the poverty line” does not mean “poor”. It means “at risk of poverty” which means “counted by the poverty industry”. Of course, property has a great deal to do with this:

Cause or effect? Some might say getting out of social housing is the best cure for “consistent poverty” but I predict that many more people will live in social housing in the future.

Astonishingly, I realise that I grew up in a family that was “at risk of poverty” - we had worn-out furniture a meal out was a rare luxury and we rarely had visitors for dinner. In fact, I would suggest that around 95% of Irish people in the 1960s were “at risk of poverty”. Of course, many of those were really poor and we tried to help them out. Nowadays, poverty is another word for “inequality”.

Why rely on the media? Here’s the full study: … ssilc2017/


From 2002 election



Was in a Lidl near Dun Laoghaire on a trip back to Ireland last weekend and saw a shopper in a full length fur coat.

So when are there going to be €44 bottles of water on the shelves like SuperQuinn had back at the height of the bubble?


fur coats are probably old? (though pretty damn useful in cold weather)

My missus got one from her mother - but altered it for a more modern cut (and made a stole with the remainder)

Given the small number of occasions (weddings not Lidl) it’d be fairly outrageous to buy it new…


That’s peak Dun Laoghaire right there. “Lidl is soooooo cheap, roigsshh, I was totally able to put the savings together and had enough to buy this fur coasshhh”


Could be just someone’s mother visiting from Latvia/Belarus/Russia/Ukraine (delete as appropriate) where fur coats are for daily wear and people on modest incomes are prepared to invest in one because of the utility they get from it.


Could be, it even had a hood!

Although the migrants around that area that I noticed the most seemed to be mostly home helps from SE asia. It’s supposedly de rigueur around SoCoDu.


exactly; I only buy Goodyear welted / resoleable shoes - even though the costs seems shocking compared to Clarke’s it works out cheaper you look properly dressed


Nice Terry Pratchett reference. I’m a big fan!

It’s a good perspective: paying a premium for a better product can be worth it in the long run.

What I find tricky is knowing which products are worth the premium. A lot of expensive clothes, for example, is just branding and you won’t get longer out of them. Buying proper hiking gear, on the other hand, should last years


I have two pair of Berghaus hiking boots that have lasted over a decade. They’re heavy and not suitable for hiking in hotter climes obviously so I shopped around and went with Solomons for the first time. Great fit, excellent comfort, very light gortex boot but they wore out extremely fast. I reckon I got six months before the sole wore out. They were the same price as my Berghaus.

The two things I value for longevity are shoewear and mattresses. There’s simply zero economy in going cheap in either.


Looking for a pair of hiking boots myself - may go with Berghaus.

Aside: Love Terry Pratchett also