Booster Beware



What do you expect from someone who wants to stick this poison in children.


Ok, I think we’re f**Ked

When Israel rolled out boosters in August, they also saw spikes in infections and deaths. It is the same phenomenon we observed after dose 1. Only the second dose does not enhance infections, presumably because it is administered in the protective shadow of the first one. As with everything involving this virus and our vaccines, there are probably multiple causes at work here. For about ten days following vaccination, the vaccinated are more susceptible to infection, and a subset of them probably become minimally symptomatic super-spreaders.

Millions of people across Europe and North America will become eligible for Dose 3 at the very height of coronavirus season, in December and January. Uptake will be highest among medical professionals and nursing home personnel. There is the potential for real catastrophe here. While the vaccines don’t work as advertised, they are powerful pharmaceutical products and they have strange, unexpected effects — not only on the bodies of people who take them, but also on the dynamics of transmission and infection. Deranged medical bureaucrats, who refuse to abandon their dreams of controlling a highly contagious seasonal respiratory virus, have whole populations popping these things like aspirin. They could very well succeed in making Corona into the unprecedented public health disaster that the virus itself never quite was


…They could very well succeed in making Corona into the unprecedented public health disaster that the virus itself never quite was

Yes, very effective indeed.

There plan collapses if the majority have teh courage to be brave and for once, not comply.

Take off the mask. It’s the real distraction.


Well Fauci doesn’t agree


I saw a quote in a survey paper about the failed SARs CoV 1 / MERS vaccine attempts which mentioned in passing that with mRNA vaccines that used the proteins from the nucleocapsid (not the spike) that they failed completely after the first infection challenge.

DNA vaccines that encode the nucleocapsid protein induce strong cell-mediated immunity but are not protective after high-titre challenge

I did some digging around to see if any research had been done on why this happened and more importantly, had the subject been researched for the spike protein based mRNA vaccines. But so far nothing. I suspect the nucleocapsid observation was made in passing while research another area and not the primary focus of the research.

If this is a general problem rather than a specific one given the very low exposure rate during the clinical trials due to low prevalence and greatly reduced interaction rates in populations the effct might take many months to show up.

As I read the paper quoted all immunity to the SARs CoV 2 is lost with vaccinated subject after the first antigen attack / immune response event after vaccination. Not just acquired immunity due to the vaccine, but all immunity. So for the up to 70% of the population who had moderate / good cross immunity before vaccination would lose that cross immunity. Which would jack up the attack rate for SARs CoV 2 from less than 30% before vaccination to maybe over 80% in the 12 to 18 months needed for everyone to have at least one immune system response to the virus.

This might partly account for what we are starting to see in populations with very high vaccination rates. Not just side effects from the vaccine itself but a stripping of cross immunity which most of the population already had. Which would account for big surges in infection rates in previously untouched age groups.


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If your feeling Achey shakey feevery after your injectiiory take some paraceetemee.


Israel 3rd dose doesn’t support his theory? No spike in cases, I don’t think?


Literally the first line in the quote says

Which links to

And they boosted in August. We’re boosting in December/January


Interesting to note that recorded cases have recently dropped completely, has herd immunity finally taken affect.


No. Temporary mass vaccine immunity has taken affect after a summer mass vaccination program led to a spike in cases


Thanks. I’d incorrectly thought they’d issued the boosters more recently.

Dolanbaker, yeah what was going on in the back of my mind when I posted above, significant drop in cases as Varadkar, etc referring to. Agree with BG, usual temporary protection we’re witnessing.


This raises a question about where the sudden resurgence is coming from?
with the high protection claimed by the boosters, is the virus being carried asymptomatically in the population or is it being reimported!
In both cases the boosters will only provide a temporary respite, the real test for Israel is will there be another outbreak!


One or two hundred thousand vaccinations in these groups can make a serious difference, for we have seen that the vaccines do reduce the risk of severe outcome. The effect fades, but even seven or eight months after vaccination, a vaccinated 80 year-old is the equivalent of an unvaccinated 70 year-old, as far as SARS-2 is concerned.

That’s far less than the vaccinators pretend, but even lacklustre reductions in risk can matter enormously, where that risk is substantial

I’d like to see an all-causes mortality for each decade vaxxed and unvaxxed. Leaving aside all heart, dementia, and “died unexpectedly” outcomes, it seems from a solely Covid-19 perspective from the Health England weekly data that the vaxxed are causing the disease to circulate as they represent a disproportionate amount of cases, twice as high a rate in some decades. The trade off for this danger the vaxxed are causing to the unvaxxed is they get good protection against hospitalization (once they get over the spike in infections the boosting campaign does) - but this wanes and 7 months later all their vax is good for is to make them a decade younger in death outcomes than they otherwise would be if they’d never got vaxxed. But that decade benefit is worth a lot of deaths.

But does this death outcome benefit wane to zero and will they always be more infectious - in which case really health administrators & scientists should be jailed.


Which part of the injections are doing it do we not understand?


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  • Around 54pc of Covid patients in ICU are unvaccinated🙄 but doing fine.


100% of people in ICU are in ICU! :+1:


I think the only bullet they have for the gun in this instance is to remove Covid Certs from those who fail to to show for the 3rd Jab appointment.

Leaving aside Israeli authoritarianism, there’s some preprogramming for this idea going on in the West.

But Prof Spector said the most important thing is to get fully vaccinated, a term he said must be redefined to having three doses “to protect us all from Delta and the inevitable new variants of Covid yet to come”.

I absolutely, totally trust a North London Levantine to tell me how to run my life and society. I only wish we had more of them.


Incitement to hatred.

Gibraltar has a vaccination rate of 118% .
Who is causing the trouble on the rock?