Bracken Park, Castleknock, Second Phase

Anyone been to see these yet?

4 bedroom House (Semi-detached)
Prices from: €595,000
Sizes from: 143 Sq.M.

5 bedroom House (Semi-detached)
Prices from: €735,000
Sizes from: 215 Sq.M.

“Located just inside the M50”

Actually just outside the M50 and in fact, not in Castleknock at all.

And while 143 sq m sounds impressive a big chunk of that is hall stairs and landings for a 3 storey house

Oh cringe. I hadn’t seen this. I hate it when EAs tell blatent lies! Although I did know they were outside the M50. Just not sure of the area.

1.5m for the proposed creche. … in/203332/

describing this area as Castleknock isn’t bad compared to when the local agents list Annfield, Fernleigh and Riverwood etc as Castleknock, which is patently ridiculous. Bracken Park is Carpenterstown-it’s a nice spot on it’s own but I guess if you want to lump a legoland semi D development on the market for crazy money you better list it as Castleknock.

IMO the 5 beds are competitive on price for the area.

For instance: … 15/2870694 … ck/2851239

I’m quite tempted myself; I like three storey houses.

Wouldn’t mind living there, just don’t think they are worth it… Don’t think the Farmleigh house is comparable location wise-agree the detached one there is nuts altogether-it hasn’t a chance of getting asking imo but the others probably do in this current nutty environment.

There is an extremely steep geographical price line from Castleknock-proper to Ongar/Hartstown and beyond.

Along that slightly meandering axis is Castleknock - Carpenterstown - Riverwood/Coolmine - Clonsilla - Porterstown/Ongar - Hartstown.

One end is ~400/sqft, at the other is ~150/sqft.

These are about 320/sqft. The location is (schools-wise) nicely between CCC and Castleknock College, easy walking distance to both.

That’s why I think they are priced about right.

We need more properties like this built to bring down the price of the crummy old shite and make it worth redeveloping.

anyone know if Cosgrave build standard is really all that good? They’ve won “awards” and seem keen on energy efficiency - but are they merely the best of a bad lot?

I think this should be more like it for pricewise … 15/2978363

That’s the iPhone 3GS of legoland houses. C1 BER is so last decade.

at that price difference you can afford to light the open fire with a €20 note!

Out of interest - why?

I can see why you’d want 2 stories over 1 but after that I think I like my square footage to make rooms bigger rather than just having more rooms. always interested others thoughts though.

You’re conflating two issues: rooms size vs room number and 2 floors vs 3 floors.

I prefer 3 floors because it separates and reduces noise propagation between adult and child bedrooms and allows for an upstairs lounge. Upstairs lounges are awesome for several reasons (a) less chance of kids eating in it and wrecking the furniture (b) it’s lovely to “retire upstairs” to a calm living space in the evening. Sticking the kids on the third floor also mitigates the walking up stairs effort for me.

Regarding room sizes, smaller rooms increase the wall surface area, thus providing for more storage.


Hi all. First post. Great site. We already live in this area in a very nice, very average 3 bed semi and we don’t want to move too far away. We’d like a little bit more room though, and we also like the layout of these houses in Bracken Park, the 4 bed ones. We’re still in negative equity, having bought our current house in 2006, but we can afford to make one more move and write one more cheque, but it has to be for the right house. My question is this: does anyone know if the noise and / or air pollution from the M50 would be a big problem? The site isn’t right up against it, but it’s very very close and I have seen stuff online about noise pollution in College Gate, which is the estate sandwiched between Bracken Park and the M50?

Hi all. We are looking at these. We live in Carpenterstown already in a 3 bed semi. Very happy with the area, even if it’s not Castleknock! But we’d like a bit more room now that we have kiddies and we like the layout of the 4 beds here. Does anyone have a view on its proximity to the M50 though? It’s not right up against it, but it is very close and I see commentary on noise levels in the College Gate estate online, and that is sandwiched between Bracken Park and the M50. Thanks all.

There is no issue with noise from the m50,friends has lived in Mulberry since it was built and there is little or no evidence of any noise there and thats closer.Been up there myself for barbecues etc and never once noticed either,in the tiger years helicopters landing in the green area were not uncommon but doubt you will be too bothered by them these days :smiley:

Ben Dunne lives across the road from these new houses…but in a significantly bigger gaff.

Thanks Rimbaud. And sorry all, for the multiple posts. Am not very techno fabulous, and assumed it was something I was doing wrong when the first and second post didn’t go up. Morto!

No harm going up there at 7 or 8am and later that evening at rush hour and having a listen but its definitely not an isses in the Mulberry estate just down the road.

I would be more concerned with noise travelling between houses if its a semi d,when youre viewing ask the e/a to allow you into the house beside it there are loads up there still unoccupied and one of you go next door and make a racket,see if it travels to you in the other house…I can live with a lot of things but hearing my neighbour breathing is not one of them.
Not saying its a problem specific to these houses,I have no idea however it was definitely a problem in the tiger years and before-These house look finiished to a very high standard from what I have seen.