Bracken Park, Castleknock, Second Phase

have they reduced the prices of these or is the €595,000 house actually comparable to the one originally at 655k? … 15/2810490

As stated on 'New Builds Dublin ’ topic, No 52 Bracken Park is recorded on the PPR as having sold for 574,976 (or 506,587 ex VAT) on Dec 1st. No 52 is one of the 6 smaller 4 bed houses launched in phase 1 in May 2014 priced at 610K. This represents a price drop of 35K.

No 42 Bracken Park, one of the larger 4 bed houses which includes a study, priced in May 2014 from 655K, is listed on the PPR as having sold at 610K (or 537,445 ex VAT) on Sept 11. This represents a reduction of at least 45K. Besides, the brochure indicates that No 42 has a good sized rear garden, larger than the gardens of many of the other 4 bed plus study houses which sold for much more.

The first phase 4 bed showhouse, No 26 Bracken Park Drive, is now for sale asking 680K. It looks as if Nos 62 and 64 of that phase are still unsold. I see that 3 of the 5 5-beds are on the register. Have the others sold or are they being rented out?

6 Bracken Park Close sold for 336,142 on 2015-02-18 ( or 296,160 ex VAT). It first appeared on PPR today, 2015-03-18. This was asking 595K at launch of second phase in November last,

I know someone who bought a 5 bed in the first phase who tells me that the unsold ones have been rented out

Another 5 bed from phase 1 now on register. No 8 Bracken Park Drive sold on 2015-02-02 for 775. First appeared on register on 2015-02-25. Two other 5 beds not on register yet - Nos 16 and 6.

16 Bracken Park Close appears on the PPR for the first time today 2015-03-25. It sold on 2015-03-10 for 560K ( or 493,392 ex VAT). This 4 bed from phase 2 was asking 595K at the launch last November.

Morning all. The price drop on 6 Bracken Park Close is pretty dramatic? Does anyone have a view on what that might mean? I know prices have come back in 2015 but that’s a 50% reduction? We are still keeping an eye on these for the third phase. Obviously we’d be delighted to pay less, but am I missing something? Fairhaven sold quickly and at prices well in excess of that (or so it appears?) a few weeks ago? I am concerned about who is going to buy the larger 5 beds and at what price? How much of a market can there be for houses that size? Thanks all. Having bought at the top of the market in 2006, I’d rather not get caught out again.

PS we are looking at the second smallest house type, 4 bed with a utility but without a study. 6 BP Close is the smallest house type, 4 bed without utility or study.

I’m guessing it’s a typo or possibly “mates rates” for someone very close to the developer.

The price for No 6 Bracken Park Close is unlikely to be a typo on the PPR since multiplying the ex VAT amount listed by 1.135 yields the VAT inclusive price on the register. Probably someone very close to developer, I think.

I’ve been looking at bracken park as well. Nice houses +++ but estate mgt fees/ near M50 noise / away from bus & train. Just FYI, there are 3 different types of 4 bed; the cheapest is €595K (1550 sq feet), and then there is a larger one (about 1700 sq feet) and a larger one again with study (1800 sg feet). Its a bit strange that 16 bracken park close is on the register at €560K as the other houses on that road (all same type, smallest 4 bed semi) are €595K- this does look strange. I think the “half price house” No 6 bracken park close is to do with someone transferring a 50% share of a house to someone else?? (just speculating). RE Fairhaven, the 4 beds went in a flash (only 3 at €595K). Much smaller than bracken but better location.

Yes. Re Fairhaven. Booking deposit was 5K. A further 30K was payable within 3 weeks on signing the contracts. The first viewing was 8 weeks ago tomorrow April 21st when the 4 beds were pounced on. Wonder how many contracts have been signed so far. The building site is very quiet for the last few weeks. The 3 beds are tiny. Snow White would have to entertain the 7 dwarves in at least 2 sittings.

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