Brandon Square waterville - Advice please


Hi Everyone

I’m looking to buy a house in Brandon Square in Waterville. We had viewing and liked the house and the community but not sure about the area itself. We both work in city centre and having a school going kid and our little one is 2 yrs old.

We dont have car park space in office so we mainly rely on public transport. So what is the traffic situation to reach stephens green everyday using public transport? How long it typically takes during morning and evening.

One thing which mainly puts me off is the School. The nearest school is in Corduff and I was told that the area is rough and children’s going to the school is mostly from that area.

The other options for school is in Castleknock which is 2.5 kms away from the house which would be harder for us to drop and pickup everyday.

Can someone live in and around this area advice on schools please? Where do children’s in waterville go to school and what’s your opinion on that area, especially Brandon square.

Thanks in advance and I’d appreciate your help!


Sorry I don’t know anything about that area. Perhaps you could get replies on a site with more traffic such as or other sites.

What I will say is that it is very important to pick the right primary school for your child, even more important than the secondary school. If children go to a primary school with a strong focus on education then they will be encouraged to work hard and will bring this attitude to secondary school with them. So I would concentrate on living in an area where you can easily access a good primary school. And for good schools in Dublin you need to get the child’s name down as early as possible using an address in the school’s catchment area.