Bray man gets awy with not paying mortgage for 6 years.

Maybe David “Casinos” Hall will represent him? Or maybe Boyd Barrett will protest the banks house getting possessed?

Will this jokers other house be untouched? … 5-Jun2016/

Depends when he bought 10 Carrickmines Avenue:


Some idiot…
All he had to do is repay a fiver every now and again and he could draw it out another 6 years.

1.26m for a house on Rochestown Av!!! Mental … 0e!6m1!1e1

There’s something not right about the reporting. The amount borrowed was allegedly €950k in 2006. There’s €340k of arrears from no payment since 2010 but a debt of €1.7 million now owing?

In the US it could be any sort of hovel as long as a sub-prime mortgage could be secured upon it. It wasn’t like it was the borrower ever had an intention of paying back.

This is somewhere the banks are to blame for their own predicament. What does it take to go in to googlemaps and compare address/surroundings with jumbo mortgage amount and say to yourself I’m not lending them money for “that” unless the objective is to inflate the market and take the % loss on those mortgages which aren’t going to be serviced.

They probably included the missing repayment of the principal (3.1k612 = ~225k) and legal costs, better headline.