Bray / Southside help

Hi all,

Still didnt get that glengarry movie out but its on the list…

anyway still in the hunt for something here and had another look at some more.

are any of these worth 300K ?? … low/203057
seems nice area, best of the lot so far - bid of €285 on it so im told…

or … low/140627
bit cheaper, seems older property… - no offer yet

dont want to be left holding Negative equity, but then I remember a quote that goes something like “when every one else is scared - its time to buy / When every one else is buying - its time to sell” or something like that… XD

The blood ain’t in the streets yet but you’re determined that some of yours will be spilt…

Ok, what do you think is the likely medium to long term average or even more pertinently, median household income likely to be for Bray?

Then what do you think is a reasonable multiple of that income or salary?

Finally, what’s a reasonable deposit?

When you’ve answered these questions to your satisfaction, you don’t need our reassurance.

I don’t think anything ever was or ever will be worth a quarter of a million Euros in Bray.

And bear in mind borrowing that quarter of a million over 30 years at 5% interest actually equates to nearly half a million Euros.

Go on though, you’re worth it.

Base your financial decisions on aphorisms and you can’t go wrong.

People are scared alright but they still selling for what they can get and exiting the market. There is a way to go yet.