Hi, we’re moving to Bray shortly.
Looking at house in Corke Abbey - any views/comments about this side of town, traffic, schools etc etc.
Also heard that there might be a Dart station planned for Woodbrook, is that still on the agenda ??

thanks. :laughing: :unamused:

Welcome to the pin Dono.

Home turf for me is up the hills about 1.5 miles away. Great beach from Bray to Killiney. Bray head to Greystones. Good sports clubs (golf, sailing, GAA, soccer) in Bray and Shankill.

Woodbrook / Corke Abbey are all built on the grounds of the old Corke Abbey House (beautiful, now demolished :cry: ). The Solus lightbulb factory came in the 1950s-ish.

Houses are solid. Not particularly inspiring from an architectural point of view, but well built.

As far as I hear on the ground there’s a dart station planned. See: … minary.pdf

Without its own Dart station, Woodbrook, while right beside the Dart line, is quite a walk / drive away. Best bet to get into town is Dublin Bus 145 (ever 15 mins) or St Kevin’s Bus (8.00am). Takes about an hour into town.

Little Bray, where Woodbrook & Corke Abbey are located is not the prettiest place on earth, but good amenities and shopping in Bray.

Good schools in Bray. Both fee and non fee paying.

Best thing is the beach and the hills are minutes away.

Bray has really got its act together recently. Seafront is buzzing. Restaurants don’t last long, but there are a few exceptions.

Enjoy living there!

Traffic at the moment can be very bad coming off the big roundabout heading toward the town. Though they apparently have plans to widen the road.

Check out this website for info on the new development which is what the new station would be part of:

I imagine that even with the roads upgraded the traffic will still be a nightmare.

Fast forward to, er, 2013…the ‘Bray Town Centre’ is an unrealised boomtime dream, unlikely to happen for the foreseeable future if ever. The mooted Dart station at Woodbrook has been spoken about for 30 years; I wouldn’t be holding my breath for it.

I’m at the south end.

  • Traffic seems to always be backed up to the Shanganagh roundabout and beyond in evening rush hour and inches along. You haven’t far to go to get to Corke Abbey turn off though.

  • alot of the schools seem to be clustered on/off the Vevay Road (with a Educate Together at the end of the Boghall Road, at the south end of the town). Forget driving to and from them from Corke Abbey as the town is a nightmare to get through most times of the day. Actually, forget driving to the Vevay Road schools from just about anywhere - there are tail backs all the way back to the Southern Cross most mornings with school traffic. There are a few schools down Corke Abbey end. No idea what they are like

  • I imagine Corke Abbey itself is okay given it leads to nowhere as such but right across the main road into Bray is the Fassaroe area which is a bit rough (I remember investigating Bray before moving there and wandering in here to see the remains of a burnt out car which had been rolled down a hill, through a wall and stuck nose down into the pavement not far from a busstop.) Driving into Bray from this end always strikes me as having a disproportionate amount of tracksuits.

A mate living in Greystones will barely let his kids set foot in Bray but that’s middle-class over reaction / over protection imo. Whilst it is rough around the edges in places, Bray is a great spot: big enough not to feel small town (unlike Greystones which is positively incestuous), small enough to get to know folk, some great amenities, good access links, the country at your doorstep, spacious and airy. There’s a great mix of house types and interesting twists and turns which makes for a far more interestingand varied living space than dull, souless suburbia. You can pick up decent houses a lot cheaper than anywhere else of similar quality in the big smoke. An uncut gem to my mind - and like a lot of folk who leave Dublin, once you’ve done so, you wouldn’t dream of heading back.

If it were me though, I’d stick to the south end: more school choice, less traffic in and out, nicer approach, prettier, better ambience.

That would make me very happy as I’d rather not have hundreds of apartments behind my house…however, it looks to me like they are going ahead with it. Perhaps it is more limited than before but according to my neighbour, who sold part of the land to them, it is going ahead. Have you got any information on it yourself?

Here is the development plan for Bray from 2011 to 2017. It mentions the development for the old golf club site, the extended luas line to Bray, shopping centre, etc. No mention in it of the woodbrook station so I’ve only rumours to go on for that one.

There is a dart station in planning south of Bray or in South Bray, I can confirm that much. But I dont think it is to be built before 2020.

The aul’ new Dart/Train Station is a bit like the Creamery at the Crossroads was in our grandads time - every parish was promised one!
I know people who bought in Drogheda assured that the ‘new station’ would be 5 minutes walk away - trouble was that those 15 minutes walk away were promised the same!

Neither Drogheda nor Bray will see a new railway station go into construction before 2019, the 5 year plans are here.

And the money ain’t!

If they just made the existing route go faster than a three legged dog I’d be happy

Hi Dono, not sure if you have family or not but just something to think about. You are a very long walk away from shankill/Bray dart station. That whole area of Bray is a nightmare for traffic, at the moment with roadworks it can be backed up as far as the roundabout coming into shankill off the N11. The seafront in Bray is lovely and a great buzz there on a nice day with people walking, eating ice creams going for coffee etc, lovely italian there with authentic italian food. The main street is awful, no character, junkies, the odd nice coffee shop etc

If I was you and wanted to buy somewhere I would seriously consider going towards Shankill/Killiney direction.

Hey ,
Thanks to all who replied…great to get so much info & tips.
Much appreciated…might have to get there some morning and check the traffic issue for myself !!

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If you are really thinking of a place - you should do morning, noon and night reccies over a week.
The weekend ‘Night Watch’ can be most instructive as to the tone of a neighbourhood and a dummy commuting run to and fro on a typical workday might be in order for a place in Bray to see if its relative proximity to the Smoke is matched by ease of access.


From another Bray thread a while back

Ah, the joys of being on a migratory trail - the wildlife you get to observe!
Need not be drunks that could create periodic nuisance:
A guy told me once of a lucky escape he had with a house of interest by a Park with playing pitches - right next to the pitch entry gate.
Parkside location and a quite cul-de-sac - the park gate was pedestrian only - what not to like!
Then he thought of weekend matches and training - so he and OH went down to check the scene one Sunday morning and a Saturday afternoon.
Chockers with cars and mini-buses up to two roads away and loads of lusty lads trooping in and out in high spirits with lots of horseplay, cat-calling and ball kicking.
Not worth paying for the privilage of being captive audience to such a sports trail every weekend , he and she decided!
Being too close to a secondary school might have similar drawbacks, especially if one was at home mid-week or had late starts or early homecoming, I’d imagine.

People down the seafront anywhere near it are tormented by the sounds of the pathethic little fun fair for a large chunk of the year aswell, dont let the 5 or 6 tatty little rides fool you, it sounds like a full Funderland setup morning to night.

Looks like Bray is on the up if asking prices are a guide.

2 Cuala Grove sold in late 2012 for 270k per the register viewtopic.php?f=14&t=38613

Fwd to 2015 and 1 Cuala Grove, Bray asking 575k- … ow/3103399

I looked at a doer upper in Cuala Grove in June 2006 asking late 5s that quickly ended up in the 6s. I left viewings with my tail between my legs, not at the races.

At 575 this asking not far of peak '06. Of course we all know what happened next.

Now asking 480k (-90k, -17%) … ow/3103399

I’m seeing a lot of price drops in bray and surrounding areas, prices there got seriously ahead of themselves , over the last couple years.