Brazilians Start to Leave Gort.

Just caught a bit of a report on TG4.

The gist of it was that 800 Brazilians had left and there are about 1,000 left.

This is having an effect of shops and one Brazilian shop has closed down.

Some guy was saying that rented accommodation would now be empty.

Report is here about 4.45 mins in.

With subtitles here when they put up Timpeall na Tíre for Feb 16:

To be honest, I can’t say I’d blame them. They look a wretched lot having to wait at the side of the road every morning looking for work.

hardly surprising as

  1. there is way less casual work in building
  2. the meat factory where the legal ones work burned down last year

But the gene pool! nooooooooooo!

Galway will still do the double this year , we have a New Coach and he speaks Brazilian.

Fixed that for you.

Rp, I believe 2Pack is correct.


If it has an IATA language code, it’s a language in my book!

That tag means portuguese, brazil region - it doesn’t make it a seperate language. en-CA is hardly a seperate language either.

That tag means portuguese, brazil region - it doesn’t make it a seperate language. en-CA is hardly a seperate language either.
The IATA language codes for Canada are EN and FR.

Edit: besides, there are 184 million Brazilians, how many Portugese are there?

Not to drag this any further off topic but if you ask any Brazillian(there is one sitting accross from me right now!) they are going to say Portuguese.

Its like calling that butchered version of English the yanks use American.

My point exactly - every even slight regional variation of a language has its own code (IANA code anyway).

But it is! It’s the butchering tha tmakes it a different dialect! Besides, I know some Brazilians who say they speak Brazilian! Perhaps it depends on the region? Hiberno-English on the dort anyone?

i think languages are classified by how they are written rather than spoken…

never heard of people speaking austrian, columbian, scotish…

written forms vary little reletively speaking…

but this is just one of those arguements that people disagree about and dig their heels in…

Here’s a transcript of the report. There was also a piece on the building industry.


Welcome to Timpeall na Tíre.
We’ll take a look at the main news stories on Nuacht TG4 this week.

Employment issues were very much to the fore this week.
We visited Gort, Co Galway where Irene Ní Nualiáin reported that 800 people from Brazil will leave the town due to a lack of employment.
There has been a sharp fall in the number of houses and apartments being built and this is impacting in employment in the building industry.
Workers in this industry are now seeking employment abroad.
Report 1.**

Many from Brazil leave Gort again.**

30 Men have convened on Gort Square at 7.30 am looking for work.
Contractors come looking for them to work on building sites for the day.
However things have been quiet in recent months.
Some of them don’t have a current working visa and they say they only get between €20-€60 for a day’s work.

It’s the same for the women with regard to employment.
Lulgi Mila is one of hundreds of Brazilians returning to Brazil because of the lack of work.
Luisa Lima who works as a cleaner in local shops, says she’s only getting 15 hours work per week.
She will return to Brazil soon.

Brazilians started coming here 6 years ago to work in a meat factory in the area.
But since that factory closed last year and the building industry have gone into decline the Brazilian community is leaving Gort.

Interview, Pádraic Ó Griallais.
“They rented accommodation in the area. That’ll now be empty. Many of the children attend local schools. Up to 50 children attend the community school.”

The fall in the number of Brazilians living in Gort has had an impact on shops such as ‘Real Brazil’. (Shop is shown in background).
One of the Brazilian shops in the town closed last year and the owner of this shop (Real Brazil) says that business is quieter now than it was before Christmas.

It’s estimated that less than 1,000 Brazilians live in Gort and there are concerns now that that will decrease further if the employment trend in the town continues.
Irene Ní Nualiáin, Nuacht TG4

Report 2.

**Decline in number of new houses.

Emigration was commonplace before the Celtic Tiger.
This trend was reversed when foreign developers began coming here to take advantage of the construction boom.
Seán Ó Mainnín spent 25 years working in America, mostly on construction sites.
He returned home in 2000 when there was still plenty of work.
He says that is now changing and that people are leaving home again in search of work.

Ó Mainnín: “When I came home from America there was plenty of work. Nowadays you’re lucky to have a job in the construction industry.
A lot of people immigrated to this country but they have left again because of the slowdown in the economy.”

Another builder told us that there is concern over the future of the construction industry.

Thomas Ó Curraoin, Tógálaí i nGaillimh: “No job is safe at the moment.
I might not have a job in a month’s time.
Some workers are leaving this weekend.
The work just isn’t there as the property market has slowed down.
I believe people will have to emigrate”.

The Construction Industry Confederation states that around 90,000 houses and flats were built in Ireland last year.
The number is estimated to fall to 45,000 this year.
That undoubtedly shows a slowdown in the industry.
But is it at crisis point?
Warnings and statements have being issued about the industry’s future.
The Central Statistics Office guidelines reveal that the number of workers employed by private construction companies in December 2006 dropped 6.4 per cent in December 2007.
The Confederation stated that the only sector in the industry experiencing problems is the house construction sector.
He (not stated who!) added that there is plenty of infrastructural and maintenance work and that there is demand for 60,000 houses per annum.

Áine Lally, Nuchat TG4 Gaillimh

Is this the end of the Brazilian in Galway?!? :laughing:

Yera I suppose the oul version of English we use is better than the feckin butchered version the yanks use alright

Anyone ever tried Brazilian beef? I think it’s the best beef in the world! Was at a Brazilian steakhouse there the other night and the size of the steaks were unbelievable! They really know their beef those Brazilians.

If I remember from another post you made you are living in London. If I am correct I would guess that you ate in a Gaucho Grill - pretty pricey but the steaks are great. For my money though the best steaks are to be had anywhere are in Nick’s Steakhouse in Killorglan, Co. Kerry.

Japanese beef is the best.

Organic Beef from the English Market in Cork city. Simply melts in the mouth. augggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!