Brazilians Start to Leave Gort.

Kobe beef? Its a little cruel isn’t it?

I hear Argentinian is the best.

All the beer and massages you can handle???

I’d love to see a Gaucho Grill being opened up in Ireland – would piss off the IFA!

I was in Rome 2 years ago. Found an Argentinian steakhouse where I had my first T-Bone.


Seriously tasty!

I love my steak very rare. It is unbelievable how often chefs get it wrong. However, I am lucky in that I am married to the best cook in the world.

But outside home, the best steak that I ever had was in Don Corleone on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

When peasants like myself can consume what I damn well please then Buens Aires has to be acknow;edged as the provider of the best steak to the ungrtaeful

Buenos Aires - Good Airs

Anyone try the Superquinn prepacked aged fillet steak? two for €17.

It’s pretty savage, much better than you’ll get in most butchers. I eat fillet in most restaurants I go to and I find it hard to beat it being honest.

I’m hungy. :astonished:

live in galway but family in Ennis. Drove down today plenty of brazillians there hanging on street corners as usual. probally less than 2 years ago

Commonly known to local Portenos as Malos Aires though… And with good reason, I’d hate to see a cow raised in BA!!! :blush:

Probably due to all the cocaine in the feed…

Spent the last month tipping round Argentina and Brazil and have to say that the Brazilian beef consistently and comprehensively beat the Argentine stuff, even though the Argentine cuts were usually bigger. Great value for the carnivore throughout !