Brazilians Vs The Menace



Anyones Brazilian/Portuguese up to speed? Maybe @IrishInOz2020 might help, I think they were practising a fair bit no? :whistle:


G Translate of YT video description:

This Sunday (1st), President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) spoke, via video, with the protesters who attended the act in favor of the printed vote on Avenida Paulista. He congratulated the public for the act and reinforced his request for a printed vote in the presidential election. Despite the request, through its official Twitter account, the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) stated that the electronic voting machines already print ballots with the votes of each polling station, which can be audited by any citizen on the day of the election.


Millions of brazilians are organizing a huge rally in defense of freedom and democracy. It will happen on our Independence Day, September 7th.


Sep 7th.

The Brazilian federal constitution says that “all power emanates from the people”. The people took to the streets and demand that the Supreme Court stop intervening in the president’s government @jairbolsonaro

Brazil wants its freedom back! BRAZIL ABOVE ALL; GOD ABOVE ALL!

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That thing again about some not being able to walk down the street.

Citizens in Brazil beat up the Mayor of Toritama who mandated vaccine passports to eat and mandatory vaccinations for children. CBKNEWS on Telegram

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