Breaking News - Gov Holed up In Mansion as Country Collapses


You meant: “Holed Up”, unless Dick Roche has taken a turn after this morning and decided this is the way forward.

Imagine a coup with Dick Roche at the head of the country! :nin


Funny I was thinking something else :angry:

What are the chances of anything effective coming out of Biffo’s plans for the crisis :question: :question:
I hold little hope judging by recent iniciatives and would bet the result will be a “Time to Tighten our Belts” speech a la Charlie way back when. Sure, some incentives for R&D, FDI, and other such unattainable or unsubstantial dreams, likely a reference to tough times ahead for services (but not for state employees), no doubt a pat on the back for helping out the banks and an insinuation that all will be well as a result, but NOTHING in the end :angry: :angry:

Wow announcing a five-year plan no less. Must be taking his cue from other successful leaders throughout history.

It doesn’t take einstein to see FF saying they need to be re-elected next term to fully implement their plan. These clowns couldn’t organise a 5 minute plan.

the government that admitted they allowed this to creep up unnoticed on them is now pulling out a big plan, so what. clowns, country’s going to the wall and it takes them how long to report on proposals to cut staff numbers…

The plan, a free string of pork sausages for every man, woman, child and dog in the nation. Tis called pork priming.

There plan will be the commissioning a report, on how to get us out of this mess…

…won’t be finished until June 2010. … ster08.jpg

“Lovely Stalin - Happy People”

I will be in mother Russia nest week…Moscow to be exact…perhaps I will mention to them to send a five year plan to the bunch of Muppets…oops parliamentarians we have running this country at present…must be careful…maybe Biffo will track me down and have me sent away for re-education!
And to think that part of the October revolution was inspired by what we did in 1916! They were so impressed by what the Irish did that they decided to have a go themselves!

I wonder if there was any discussion on the level of personal indebtedness. It’s high time they start joining the dots. Given the recent budget tried to increase personal debt through that gov mortgage scheme, I doubt they have. In order to become a competitive exporter, there’s a strong argument for cheap accommodation to reduce workers expenses. In turn, wage demands could be lower. For example, you could enact laws that rezoned could only be sold at agri prices and set a maximum mortgage amount of 150k. Possibly create a 3% margin on the mortgage to be paid to a pension fund for owner occs or a national pension fund for non-primary houses. Cheap houses would probably sustain more jobs in the construction industry.

…And then the Expert Group will refer their report to the Steering Committee who will study the report and then report to the Minister who will expand the remit of the Expert Group who will take further submissions and report that the report will be forwarded to the Minister but not before a full draft has been sent to the Steering Committee who will make amendments to the report and then the Minister will shelve it because it turns out that they couldn’t reveal it anyway because of legal advice received from the Attorney General…

The usual recipe for doing nothing Coles2 :frowning:

Word around Galway is that O Cuiv has no meetings on friday bar with a bunch of schoolkids and with no journalists present .

No votes involved.

There will be no joining of dots only loosening of buttons is my guess… I’d love to see the catering bill for farmleigh since its inception. FOI request anyone?

“The time for panic has come.”

Here we go…

isn’t that a line from The Simpsons? :laughing:

Yeah same show different country, I think its called the charlatons in one or two countries due to the level of stupidity of the government in those places. :angry:

problems,? not here, nothing to see, move on…