Breaking News - Gov Holed up In Mansion as Country Collapses

Cool. I’m really hopeful that the New Year could see them issue a statement that they are committed to economic recovery. 8DD

He should be burnt at the stake.

What do you expect a Union boss to say? Would you expect IBEC to call for an increase?

I know what should be expected regardless whether the party is Union or IBEC, a bit of common sense and non of this can I have more attitude with the country in sh**.

The time for sound bites is long gone.

A bit of realism is in order.

It is in the unions own interests for issues like this to be discussed. It’s fairly fucking obvious that wages will not increase and will most likely decrease in the coming year. If you’re lucky enough to be getting a wage.

Yeah, I think that’s the bugger. It’s all very well to not want wages to come down or, as the case is in Ireland, to not increase (!), but if every employer is going to use the ‘inability to pay’ clause, it’s pretty fucking pointless flogging the dead horse. “Measures to protect jobs” should be what the unions are banging on about, but I don’t hear much of that.
Unfortunate timing for a test of such a system. Can we expect Cowen to interrupt Coronation St sometime soon? :angry:

I was driving at 4:45am and heard it on the radio. Switched to all channels and they were all the same. Was wondering what the feck was going on!

BTW, the airwaves did not ‘fall silent’. There was a womans voice saying, this is a technical test (or something like that) and then the same in Irish.

I believe in Germany after reunification when their economy was really taking a pounding the Unions agreed to pay cuts so as to keep people working. I don’t see that happening here though. We’ll just lose those jobs entirely instead - as though that made any sort of sense.

The Unions have already agreed paycuts in a number of instances. And when they agreed the last National Partnership based on the predictions at the time, it was a real wage cut… Of course, deflation is likely to be here with us longer than the pay pause, so the net effect is different.

it sorta makes you wonder why our glorious leader feels the need to test the system at this time doesn’t it. One doubts that it is going to be to announce sunshine and lollipops and a chicken in every pot. I really don’t want to sound alarmist but the timing on this defies belief. Why on earth would he do something like that at a time like this? Talk about bad PR. What the hell was he thinking? A bit own-goal I would have said.

They’re looking at greece and just making sure in case anything were to slip a little bit they have the mechanisms in place to cope.

Well this is what I meant when I said I didn’t want to sound like I was wearing a tin-foil hat. To me it says that they’re preparing for things to get pretty hairy. It doesn’t inspire confidence.

Thanks for that TUG. But if they are going to be amenable to pay-cuts then engaging in (what sounds to me like) saber-rattling about pay-demands isn’t really constructive. So they’re still not really helping matters as much as they could/should. They should stop trying to make themselves feel like big men and concentrate on getting us through this with as little pain as possible.

Agreed. This has me really spooked :nin

And those negotiations could go on for 2 years, but they won’t because the IMF will be calling the shots long before then.

As someone who very seldom wears a tin foil hat, I was talking to a fireman on a retainer this evening who says there have been informal briefs about them being needed in the event of riots.

I asked him, what kind of riots.

He said “bank failures” :nin XX


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