Breaking News: Roof is blown off Carrickmines Manor

I know this development is referred to frequently on the Pin so I put this up as a separate thread. According to RTE a major emergency plan has been activated after the roof from three blocks of this development came off earlier this morning. No details as of yet.

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Sad news for residents. I’m sure the VIs are wishing this news story metaphorically related to the prices … 53194.html

Didn’t the exact same thing happen last year, in the same general area, when there was a big gust of wind?

I don’t suppose the question of who put those roofs on will be asked? Ah now, shure it’s the wind’s fault.

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Caused by the roof or weather?

Theres no place like home.

Funny, one of the banner ads when I was reading this page was for some bank with a pair of red shoes…

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas

RTE report

“Nobody told us about the wind”.

RTÉ have a pic:

Are roofs covered by homebond? Probably not! :unamused:

funny enough,

My engineer spotted that Mcinerneys had not tied the roof into the building on my (newly built) house (2002) and had them provide physical and documentory proof that they had remedied the situation.

This was to get the homebond cert, as it is deemed a structurally significant part of the the house.

Of, course, this does not mean anybody will be getting compo in this situation 8-

I remember being quite adamant that the aparent fault would need to be corrected…

Constructed by Pierse.

Image from RTE news story.

Looks like the roof from one of these blocks.

From 2006


Simple fix.

The penthouses are now roof gardens.

NAMA, trying to put a floor under property that the roof won’t even stay on.


How far did the roof blow? It’s a good thing it was an empty field and not an area that had been built on. This storm is great for non-owners to be able to assess where to never, ever buy a house. I have now added any well built houses in the immediate vicinity of new developments to my list as I don’t want their roof falling on me.

With the flooding, and now the roofs blowing off, first floor apartment owners are finally having their day in the sun.