Breaking News: Turkey opposed to Xmas


Or in other words, Cullen thinks Cullen’s department should not be axed. :open_mouth:
Maybe he’s got a point, if an axe is to be taken to anything, it should be taken to Cullen’s neck rather than his department.

Quite so. If ever a turkey deserved to have its giblets removed without ceremony, be stuffed and slowly roasted until well done , its that particular turkey

what, no more minister for fun?

Cullen = Fun??? Add I thought I had a drink problem?

Nah. That’s our beloved Taoiseach

Is there an argument that the arts should be completely separate from the government? As in people who write books about inane rubbish like flowers and puppies might get huge grants and support from the government while people who write slightly seditious material e.g. books about corrupt politicians etc will be discouraged. Or on a more basic level, assuming that the government has no real concept of art are they not more likely to randomly select worse artists to help than better ones?

As for sport, I’d rather have proper public facilities for sport than a ministry for sport.

Finally as regards tourism, since we already have bord failte, why do we need a government department for it as well?

Or indeed if you write a favourable biography of a former taoiseach (de Valera)and the Minister.of Education(Hanafin) puts it on the syllabus! Yoo hoo! happy days 8DD

The man embarrasses me.

Sure €5.4 billion would barely cover a Cullen screwup.
How is the man supposed to do what he does best (screw up and waste money) if we don’t
give him the money to waste.

Here’s a clue Martin, follow Lenihan’s lead and start wasting money we don’t have.
Don’t limit yourself.


He does not have a problem with drink. Can get it as late as he wants in his many locals in Tullamore. Took a call on his mobile duing the fleadh ceoil at 3:30am and then left a pub in Tullamore. 5 minutes later th cops arrived. Like I said he has no problem with drink. Can get as much as he wants and then a free lift home for him and all his buddies in the merc.