Brendan Burgess on Today FM

Brendan Burgess gets on this radio station because of his website, therefore it is reasonable for us to pursue the radio station to ask him why he closes threads on falling property prices and refuses to allow discussions of same.
Fair enough, he can do what he wants on his website, but if he is going to aggrandise and promote himself on the national airwaves, he needs to be brought to book for his “highly suspect” decisions.
He is aggressive and defensive when confronted on his website and immediately closes the thread, will he be the same with Matt “Questions answered, answers questioned” Cooper?
Don’t you love megalomaniacs? :smiling_imp:

Text 53102 at local rates.

I don’t know undersupply.

Is there a specific time he’s on today fm? Or is this just a general plea?

He is on quite a bit, any sort of thing from pyramid schemes to day trading on shares, it is more a general plea as I do not know when they will call on his :question: wisdom again.

What is the single thing that people spend most money on in there life?
What has askaboutmoney banned discussion on?
Spending money on property.

Is that not outrageous?

it was outrageous that they banned discussion by property bears but now they banned talk by the bulls as well to be honest i’m happy

provided of course the same bannings are handed out swiftly to bulls and it is policed as stringently as the bears are , doubt it though

HOw can any of their investment forums function if they can only ever speak in theories… it devalues the whoel site immensely.

lads, lets just say that brendan was none too impressed with my post re restrictions.

was quite abusive and wouldn’t accept what was said to him via private email. childish is a word i would use.

i have been threatened with being banned, the only reason i reckon i wasn’t was that i had linked to some many places and there editorial policies…

somebody should be in a position to ask him those questions where he can’t attempt to bully you into submission or silence…

i agree on the today fm idea.

john bowman…not one to back down, mcwillaims…don’t think he’d run on it, k barrington…might be up her street, cooper…nah can’t see it.

anyone any other thoughts on this restriction on free spech about the economy and its main element…beloved property…