Brendan justifies banning of property discussion on AAM … stcount=21

“People ask now why did we not listen to the economists who warned of the housing bubble and the economic crash? … Their warnings were dressed up in such stupid, sensationalist language, that it would have been like taking the economic forecasts of the Sunday World seriously.”

Perhaps he should have taken them seriously, because the Sunday World doesn’t rely upon EAs, Banks & others for their existance ?

It’s at least comforting to know that even in a recession, some people remain with the same sound fundamentals as ever.

Yes. It’s such an incredible comment, I made it my sig.

Lest we forget.

the same guy who recommended buying a house than having a pension now bans property investment discussions.

Usual ‘shoot the messenger’ type reaction.

There are none so deaf, etc…

Rossa White Mar 29 06

Hmmm. Sample post from Duplex’s blog May 31 06

Damn stupid, sensationalist language.

People here often refer to his remarks about filling your boots with cheap bank shares, if that is close to an actual quote then me thinks that Brendan can engage in a bit of sensationalism himself. What a self-serving twat. Another one for the chop when the day of reckoning comes.

Some revisionism and echoes of Pat McArdle’s concern about Morgan Kelly speaking as an economist in his capacity as an economist.

Its very simple. Some people don’t want freedom of information or freedom of speech and expression. They don’t want you to think. They don’t actually believe you could ever attain a critical point of view (I’ll let the reader pick over the carcass of irony on that one) . Mainly though if it hurts their pocket then you better shut the fuck up.

Needless to say many people trade on their “reputations” often courted by the media or court the media who knows. More often than not on close inspection their appears to be no record of a reasonable reputation its a pity we take such people at face value so easily as their seemingly “reasonable” comments are utter madness or suicide if followed in a context of turmoil, intrigue and tectonic political & economic tension.

The “play it safe” gang lost the game. Why? because they lied out their fucking assholes.

Its seems liars always lie or am I just as guilty as Brendan Burgess?

Hey Dude, was my post too bitchy ?

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from the rossa White quote in grumpy’s post:

“As a result, yields have been driven
down to unprecedented depths. Something does not feel right.
A line frequently trotted out by estate agents is that “buy-to-let investors are not
worried about rental yield; they are in it for the long haul of capital
appreciation”. That is fundamentally unsound investment advice.”

sounds very NAMA-esque dunnit?

Brendan burgess is a cucking fock.

His refusal to allow discussion of why property prices were overvalued on askabout money meant thatb on a supposedly impartial site people were continuosly subjected to misleading advice on property purchases and regarding the stability of the banks

Clucking Bell.
Such a tabloid reaction.


down with censorship by the pins hegemonistic moderating bourgois elite

Freedom of speech for the laughing lawyer 1

Can everyone please use his full name. It would be beautiful if this thread became the first result a search for his name produced. Everyone should know how he encouraged people to get into property debt and censored anyone who disagreed with him.

Changing the thread title might help. Something like: Why Brendan Burgess censored warnings of property bubble on AAM!

Brendan Burgess of AAM and his cronies also censored informed discussion about the banks. I got banned in 2007 for saying that the high rate of interest paid by Anglo Irish Bank reflected its underlying poor credit quality. One of Brendan Burgess’s “financial advisor” henchmen hounded me off the site for that particular heresy.

Brendan Burgess and his cronies are the kind of bank shareholders that the government is bailing out through NAMA.

The Brendan Burgess mafia should be facing prosecution, not being bailed out at the expense of old, the young and the sick.