Brian Lenihan’s diary September 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009

Following an FOI request, the Department of Finance has released Brian Lenihan’s diary appointments, September 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009. I have uploaded it to Scribd.

Have at it.

Isn’t 30th Sept -1st October 2008 a little light?

Sure is…

and the days preceding it - on the 4th Sept he met with Goggins and Sheedy and on the 26th there’s a meeting with “officials and bankers” - vague to day the least.
On the 28th November he met with them all (EBS, Anglo, BOI AIB INBS and Irish Life) - I find it staggering to believe that leading up to the Guarantee he didn’t meet with them frequently.

Lots of “Private meetings”.

Also, had formal meetings with Alan Dukes. What business might he have with that NAMA-defending Fine Gaeler?

What is very interesting is that the number of private meetings seems directly correlated with when ever anything ‘interesting’ was going on.

Dukes was appointed a public interest director at Anglo when it was nationalized. Thats the first meeting with Dukes and Casey. I suspect the next meeting with Dukes on his own was when Dukes made his first report about his disquiet at what was going on at Anglo. I need to check the dates but I suspect the third meeting was just before Dukes went public in the press with his unhappiness at how slow the investigations at Anglo were going.

Now the really really interesting meeting was the one with the guy from Hypo. I wonder what was said at that meeting consider just how politically charged the who subject of Hypo is in Germany. I also notice that Lenihan did an interview with ZDF some time afterwards.

Well done Gavin.

Sadly this type of forensic excavation is what the established Media are NOT doing,and if current Government policy comes to fruition,will not be PERMITTED to do in the very near future.

Witness Mr Lenihans sudden penchant for Secrecy in all matters NAMA under the guise of “Commercial Confidentiality” and we get a good idea of where this is going.

The largest element of the problem is how we need to asemble most of the Information NOW in advance of the Government overturning the F0I…In the national interest !!!