Brian Lenihan's "Patriotic" Budget

When I heard his claim that the Budget was patriotic, I was reminded of this great quotation:


Is there a difference between Nationalism and Patriotism?

Yes, patriotic is what we do, nationalism is what they do.

Think Bush vs. Ahmedinijad.

“Bend over and think of the builders”

That’s pretty much what I thought. In my mind I had Napolean vs. Braveheart.

Didn’t think about the shinners, honest :nin

Terrorist Vs Freedom Fighter

Patriotism is a mugs game. I don’t have a patriotic bone in my body.
Who cares where you are born, or where your parents were born?

If the shoe fits XX

I don’t think it was a shoe that Knock Lion had in mind 8-

If somebody requires you do your patriotic duty you have two choices either shoot him or run, best to do both.

requires you, yes. But are the Pinsters not volunteering their knowledge, experience, inspiration and work on behalf of the nation, in order to try and stop the FF scoundrels from ruining the country entirely? Is this not in fact a patriotic act, albeit not dressed up in those terms and with a minimum of flag-waving and bluster?

If none of you really had a patriotic bone in your body, ye would all have got on the plane 18 months ago when it was obvious to all of us that the country was fecked.

Ahem - we need a new smiley :angry:

Interesting point. Aren’t we meant to be living in a post-nationalist country since John Hume’s work in the 80s?

Not patriotic at all, merely self interest which happens to coincide with what is good for the country. This happens quite often and gets dressed up as patriotic, statesman like, heroic, selfless etc. What is good for me is more than likely good for the majority in this country and if I work for my self interest I will be working for the good of the country. The problems only start when a very narrow group of self interests start to infringe on the self interest of the majority.

Plus I’m a cynic :laughing:

I’ve just realised i’m paraphrasing Robert Heinlein :blush:

No need to be embarassed mike I Grok Heinlein