bringing a contractor to a viewing

I’m going back for a second viewing on a house next week and I want to bring a contractor with me so he can tell me how much the required work will cost. Can I just show up with this guy or is it considered polite to tell the EA beforehand?

I had an architect with me at a second viewing a while back and let the EA know about first because I needed it to be at a rather awkward time to fit into the architect’s schedule. The EA was happy to accommodate and I would think your EA would be happy to a contractor with you, whether you let him know in advance or not, because it is a clear indication you are a serious bidder.

I would let him know.

Having a contractor means you’re likely to take a bit longer to go around, and presumably the contractor is going to want to do a bit more poking than a standard viewing (e.g. access to roof, peel back a bit of carpet) so even though it’s normal practice, a bit of warning is fair.

If you don’t want to show your hand too much, then mention another house or two you’re taking the contractor to view.

Nothing wrong with it IMHO. However, from a vendor’s perspective it sends “buying signals”

That said, as jess mentioned, you can also swing that in your favour with some pre-briefing of the contractor. If he were to say something along the lines of “It’s a bigger job than on the other property we looked at” or “the other place would be cheaper to do” within ear shot of the EA, it might be a bit of reverse phantom.

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