Britain has left the building - Who or What next?



Brexit: ‘Unbelievable mayhem’ coming to Dublin port, haulage boss warns despite quiet start to new year | The Independent

Brexit: ‘Unbelievable mayhem’ coming to Dublin port, haulage boss warns despite quiet start to new year

Ferry operator forced to turn away six lorries headed for Ireland due to incorrect paperwork

“Unbelievable mayhem” is coming to Dublin port following the UK’s exit from the European Union, haulage bosses have said.

The warning comes after a number of lorries headed for Ireland, which remains in the EU, fell foul of the new customs arrangements that came into force at 11pm on New Year’s Eve.

Ferry operator Stena Line on Friday said it had turned away six lorries from a Holyhead service to Dublin because drivers did “not have the correct references".

Eugene Drennan, president of the Irish Road Haulage Association, told The Times : “There will be delays, for sure. The mayhem that’s coming in Dublin port is unbelievable.”

Lorries arriving into Northern Ireland - which now operates under different customs arrangements to the rest of the UK - also saw delays, with nearly half on one ferry being subjected to inspection on arrival in Belfast, haulage association Logistics UK claimed.

But for now severe border chaos is yet to arrive at Britain’s major ports, due in part to reduced services on New Year’s Day.

Dover on Friday saw just a trickle of lorries, with operator Eurotunnel saying traffic was particularly quiet because businesses had stockpiled in advance of a possible no-deal.


At least we get duty free travelling to/from UK now


A lot of companies still working out the logisttics of Brexit



“We are in the process of a legal Polexit which is taking place step by step,” Poland’s independent human rights ombudsman Adam Bodnar told reporters after the ruling.

Former EU chief Donald Tusk, head of the opposition Civic Platform party, accused the governing right-wing populist Law and Justice (PiS) party of “leaving the EU”.

“Only we Poles can successfully oppose this,” he tweeted.

But Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro hailed the ruling, saying it was “against interference, usurpation and legal aggression by organs of the European Union”.


One thing among many that makes being a foot soldier on the Left these days a pretty depressing experience is the propensity of colleagues to deny basic realities — or refuse to openly debate inconvenient truths.


A huge majority of Poles approve of EU membership, surveys suggest. However, 17 percent of Poles are now in favor of leaving the EU, according to a recent poll for Rzeczpospolita.