Britain leaving the European Union.



Tony Connelly’s Brexit Republic podcast looked at the Norway+ option last week. In a radical move, rather than interviewing various heads of the Tory Party Medusa, and allowing it to argue with itself, he had spoken to Norway’s representative to EFTA. Has anybody else even thought of asking them what they would think?

Turns out, they have quite a lot of thoughts on the matter. And they are not sure they want the UK barging into their little club-on-the-edge-of-a-club. For a start, the UK would be the big beast in the room, making Norway and co. hostages to UK-EU tensions. And, because EFTA operates collectively, any member can veto a new agreement between EFTA-EU. Who would welcome eurosceptics on those terms?

They also discussed how Lichtenstein exercised its right to opt out of free movement of people using an arcane clause in the EFTA-EU treaty. The implication was that Lichtenstein had a reasonable case that free movement would cause disproportionate social and economic effects on its tiny state, but that the UK would be hard-pressed to make the same case. Some of the Norway+ champions reckon they can have the good bits of Norway, a bit of the Lichtenstein opt-out, with a slice of Swiss independence to make free trade deals with the rest of the world.

Also, an interesting footnote: the EU is reviewing its relationships with the Swiss so will want to seem rigid and tough in its negotiations with the UK i.e. they are extra reluctant to reopen the deal when it fails next week.
Bottom line: the UK has been rubbish at understanding the other side of the table because its own side has been such a mess. **


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Thanks for posting. Would not actually have believed that if I had not heard it myself. Staggering nonsense.


Unfortunately I bump into such people all the time where I currently am in north England. It’s rather depressing but thankfully we’ll be back in Ireland next year.

They really are more danger to themselves than anything else.


There was a Labour MP interviewed on Sky News this evening who was still trotting out the “EU needs us to buy their cars” line. He thinks May got a lousy deal and the UK just needs to march back over to Brussels and threaten to leave without a deal if they don’t what they want.



So much for 'they are mad for herring ’ agreement
As a number of informed commentators have points out its near impossible for the UK to get to a Norway plus from their current position.
They would have to go back in time and approach the EEA/EFTA countries and engage in detailed discussions to see if was even possible. But the thicko Brexiteers still think its easy to leave the EU and negotiate a FTA. Maybe they should learn to walk before they can run


British quickly running into a dead end full of stinky poo, better known as Brexit.


Jeffrey Donaldson DUP on the Pat Kenny show this morning was still using the ‘car buying’ line


Priti Patel says the threat of starvation in Ireland should be used as leverage to go back to Brussels.

Do millions have to starve in Britain for them to finally understand how millions starved in Ireland under direct London rule?


Even for a Tory politician, I didn’t think a statement could be possibly true. I had to Google it to make sure.

In the real world though, Ireland is the 2nd most food secure country in the world.


It’s gormless for sure, but it is the same uninterrupted Westminster sovereignty that induced starvation in Ireland that prosecutes Brexit now. Phil Hogan’s reply cuts to the heart of it. … -1.3723610


If all trade was stopped with brexit its the brits that would starve. But hey, thats their call. We will both freeze though. maybe we can have our own Norway plus plus plus slap dash


I too didn’t believe that was the substance of it, but here it is - I looked for for a source that I though wouldn’t be a mouthpiece for some view or other, initially picking … -backstop/, but settling on MSN (somebody has to read it sometime): … ar-BBQDd8z


BBC podcast
Will Brexit lead to the pulling apart of countries within the European Union?
27 minutes of interesting debate on what’s next for Europe with speakers from Warsaw and Brussels.


The optics that I get from this is that there is a possible danger to food security in Ireland.
The Irish government will have no objection to letting Irish people and small businesses suffer because we do live in a time here in Ireland Inc where the lines in government management has been to DO AS YOUR TOLD


The conspiracisy theorists are coming out of the woodwork…


No. There’s no conspiracy here.
This is all business as usual for 'The Great and The Good" of Irish Government.
They follow the line set by higher authority.
They can disagree for a while to temper and manipulate public mood but then they toe the line, if necessary changing laws to suit.
Many real examples of same in recent years.

Much as though we were/are an outpost of Britain, we are and will remain an even greater outpost of Europe.


So Ireland is better off going out on its own trading with Iceland then ?

Instead of mumbling tell us how you can make Ireland more independent and prosperous than it is already ?

Make an effort …Details…Specifics.


Here’s an interesting one for you,

How we will be discussing the similarities between the break up of the soviet union in December 1991 and the break up of the EU in (pick a date in the next 3 - 5 years).
Remember how solid the SU looked in 1985, it was expected to last for decades.