Britain leaving the European Union.


More on the precendence crisis:


Sunny Beach for the win! … an-resorts

Guess Brent had it right after all :neutral_face:

The return of the paperwork of the pre-EU days also gets a mention:

As I’ve said elsewhere, travel between european countries pre-EU involved lots of awkwardness; driving and pets in particular, but one thing not mentioned here - currency. With the UK banks falling out of the single market for banking, will they all have an EPOS/ATM presence? If not, will we see travellers cheques come back? Queues for currency? Without membership of euro settlement, will currency need to be balanced? (Euros to British travellers need to be matched by sterling purchases by eurozone? Could we see a currency crisis?).


Travelling within the GBP zone is already a hassle when Northern Ireland and Scottish notes in England get knocked back!

Anyway things mightn’t be so bad, down at my local north England Tesco last night I saw a bottle of prosecco in the food donation bin.


I don’t see why not. I had no difficulty using British and Irish cards in ATMs in the USA.
Daily limits might have been lower, but otherwise they worked fine.


Is this the real backstop?


Hmmm, I wonder if my memories pre-date ATM cards!


Leave Tory opinion on supporting May’s deal: … cy-commons


When UK leaves the EU how much space will be freed up?





Boom Boom!
(Are we still allowed Basil Brush? He wasn’t found in a foxy threesome with an underage lamb?).

Anyway, no deal = hard deal, at least that’s the pressure some in EU are putting on: … al-brexit/


According to Bloomberg Transferwise has restricted transactions to £10.000 for the next day or so.

Probably a lot of currency speculation going on around the vote. What’s it going to be like approaching a hard exit?


I think the issue will be charges - at the moment if my memory serves me correctly there is a limit on the fee that banks can charge for ATM withdrawals within the Eurozone but there was also an accommodation for the UK on the basis that they were in the EU but not the Eurozone - that means that you didn’t get charged very much for withdrawing STG with an EUR card - it wasn’t as cheap as an EUR/EUR withdrawal in other EUR countries but there was a limit - I reckon this will be gone now.


When is she going to inform us about her resignation?


230 down
Truly, the end days are here. :open_mouth:

If I were a gambling man, I might go out on a limb and lay a small wager that this is the end of the beginning of discussion of the endless circular procrastination about whether the British establishment can decide what Brexit is, might be, might not be, or possibly even isn’t.

But then, I’m not a gambling man. :frowning: :unamused: :wink:


It’s justifiable to say that Westminster democracy is broken, no consensus to move forward and most likely there won’t be enough support to take out the Tory government in tomorrow’s vote.

My eyes are on Scotland’s reaction.


The daftest thing is that all things considered, it’s not that bad a deal. It’s much closer to Norway- than Canda++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Its only (absolutely fatal) flaw is that it’s a realistic (maybe fatalistic) compromise, the only thing to which all parties in the UK involved are absolutely, implaccably opposed. :confused: XX

Ah well, only one thing for it. :smiley:


The whole thing is rather surreal.

Like a teddy bear stuffed with broken glass I really shouldn’t be having such a laugh with it all but can’t help myself.

That teddy is going to burst very soon though and woe betide the lot of us but especially them eejits.


Farcical all round, mainly due to a lack of really or vision in the Tory party. Very easy to say what you are against than what you are for.


Well, what appears to have been a bad deal has been resoundingly rejected, so what next!

Does anybody have any Great Brexectations as to what will happen next?

Looks likely to be a no-deal unless the EU provides some slack.


Go long on tarmac and tin cans, young man. Go long. :smiley:


Jean Claude Junker will crawl on all fours all the way to SW1A before a no deal Brexit will be allowed.