Britain leaving the European Union.


I was wondering if anyone else noticed that.


Her speech was shown on news (had it in background for noise) was cringe-worthy.


It looks like Enda is going to be an indirect Brexit casualty. He announced an all Ireland Brexit response before squaring it off with the DUP. And of course they completely dismissed it. This made him look a complete fool and has contributed greatly to his recent destabilisation


I don’t think it inappropriate for any irish government to suggest an all Ireland forum in the wake of Brexit. The DUP were against the GFA and as brexit could create a UK/EU border on the Island, the southern governments acknowledgement of Northern Irelands majority vote to remain in the EU is no different to Nicola Strugeon making sure that Scotlands remain vote is recognized in the EU parliament.


So if we use recent events as a guide, she will be the next PM


It’s very different
Nicola sturgeon is in power in Scotland. Enda is not in NI

You don’t fly a kite without checking the wind


The wind says a majority of Northern Ireland voters want to stay in the EU despite the DUP campaigning for Leave.


Yes, but that doesn’t mean they want to remain at the expense of leaving the UK (or whatever is left of it).


I think it’s less to do with that than the recent IT poll that had FG down below FF for the first time since they bankrupted the country.


All hail Queen Theresa?


House of cards, the thick of it and yes minister are nowhere, next to the reality.


May should pull out just for the laugh.

What a weird way to win. A relatively popular Prime Minister screws up and resigns; the presumed heir is stabbed in the back by a charisma-free sociopath who doesn’t make it to the run-off; then one of the final two bails out with a week of a two-month campaign :slight_smile:

So do they now fast-track the coronation or does Dave get to hang on until after the summer as originally ‘planned’? (Nothing looks particularly well planned but the original timetable was to have a new leader in September).

The two-month process bought them some time. If May is installed post-haste then the pressure is on to set out a negotiating position and the excuses for not triggering article 50 are getting flimsier.


Imagine if the tories had the balls to call a snap election now, with labour still in disarray.


Do they have that option? They brought in a fixed term for parliament recently IIRC.


They need one of a two thirds vote of MPs for an early dissolution, to lose a vote of confidence in the government, or to lose supply (basically to have a budget or finance bill voted down).
Essentially they need the complicity of a significant part of the opposition, or else to introduce Osborne’s promised emergency budget and then deliberately sabotage it. Even that would need decent party discipline, if enough Labour MPs were determined to stay out of power until they had got their own house in order.


I am a Leadsomer.

It’s a travesty, a trial by media. This Brexit is soooo not finished because May is the new PM.


that’s pretty catchy, even rhymes, just need to set it to music.

Very weird process all told, was Leadsom in there just to block Gove? Also some theories around that Gove’s “betrayal” of Johnson wasn’t so spontaneous and may have been intended as long-term favourable to Johnson.


As I posted on another thread if Theresa May is smart she will now do a DeValera and send some or all of Gove, Leadsom and Johnson over to Brussels to negotiate the terms of a UK exit. The 3 stooges so to speak. But we will have to see what May’s real thoughts and policies are since she has tended to be pretty quiet on the major issues to date.

This whole saga of heads rolling may not be over yet. I would not be surprised to eventually see some sort of a “new deal” for the UK emerging to allow them to essentially stay in the EU under new terms. In the long run hopefully this whole episode may result is some much needed reform of the EU, such as getting rid of the Commission and having the elected heads of state and ministers decide major matters. It can’t be too soon to get rid of that drunken oaf Junckers.


So it looks like Theresa May is taking over as PM from Cameron on Wednesday already.

In times were bullshit science seems to already outdo the real stuff, she is bad news also from a different perspective:

Next PM Theresa May often demands the scientifically impossible

But of course in these days were people refuse any advice from what they call “so-called experts” (climate change, GMO, alternative medicine, to name a few) we shouldn’t really be surprised now.


Cool! Will she demand freedom from foreign standards for a value of pi. :smiley: