Britain leaving the European Union.


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Truly, the end days are here. :open_mouth:

If I were a gambling man, I might go out on a limb and lay a small wager that this is the end of the beginning of discussion of the endless circular procrastination about whether the British establishment can decide what Brexit is, might be, might not be, or possibly even isn’t.

But then, I’m not a gambling man. :frowning: :unamused: :wink:


It’s justifiable to say that Westminster democracy is broken, no consensus to move forward and most likely there won’t be enough support to take out the Tory government in tomorrow’s vote.

My eyes are on Scotland’s reaction.


The daftest thing is that all things considered, it’s not that bad a deal. It’s much closer to Norway- than Canda++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Its only (absolutely fatal) flaw is that it’s a realistic (maybe fatalistic) compromise, the only thing to which all parties in the UK involved are absolutely, implaccably opposed. :confused: XX

Ah well, only one thing for it. :smiley:


The whole thing is rather surreal.

Like a teddy bear stuffed with broken glass I really shouldn’t be having such a laugh with it all but can’t help myself.

That teddy is going to burst very soon though and woe betide the lot of us but especially them eejits.


Farcical all round, mainly due to a lack of really or vision in the Tory party. Very easy to say what you are against than what you are for.


Well, what appears to have been a bad deal has been resoundingly rejected, so what next!

Does anybody have any Great Brexectations as to what will happen next?

Looks likely to be a no-deal unless the EU provides some slack.


Go long on tarmac and tin cans, young man. Go long. :smiley:


Jean Claude Junker will crawl on all fours all the way to SW1A before a no deal Brexit will be allowed.


GBP doing alright last few days, gained nearly 1.5p vs the Euro and currently 88.7p to €1


There is nothing anyone in the entire EU can do to help the Brits from hurting themselves.


Why? It’s not in the EU’s interest to facilitate UK incompetence.

They really ought to have negotiated a deal before triggering article 50.


Could the next leader of the House be a Jew loving Muslim 3rd fav 7/1 ex big wig banker that took a 98% drop in salary to become a politician and has friends in high places.
Seems like fiction but well worth a read.


That page you’ve linked to clearly states that he’s not religious.

Also, “Jew loving”, really?


Javid is regarded as one of Israel’s staunchest supporters in the Cabinet,[47] and is a long-time supporter of Conservative Friends of Israel.[48] At a 2012 event hosted by them, he said he would, out of all the countries in the Middle East, choose Israel as home:
Only there, he said, would his children feel the ‘warm embrace of freedom and liberty’.[49]
Addressing the World Jewish Congress (WJC) in 2017, Javid commented that attempts to block contacts with Israel are failing, and that the government will “celebrate the Balfour centenary with pride”.[50] Ronald Lauder, president of the WJC, said the global Jewish community “treasured” Mr Javid as a staunch friend of the Jewish people.[51][50] Lauder has been criticised for funding an organisation which ran anti-Muslim campaigns.
In January 2015, Javid was awarded the Politician of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards.
The above is from the link I posted maybe you did not scroll down far enough.
The British Muslim Awards was founded by Oceanic Consulting.[1] The event honours the success, achievements and contribution of Britain’s Muslim individuals, groups and businesses and highlights the significant role Muslims play in contributing to a better Great Britain.[2][3][4][5] There is no category for musicians or actors therefore excluding those people.It recognises the achievements of Muslim men and women at the forefront of their communities and industries[6][7] celebrating the success of individuals, community groups and businesses, highlighting their achievements[8] and recognising various aspects of British society including business, charity, sport, arts and culture.[9] … s#Overview
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I don’t see what his religion has much to do with his competency.
Anyway being a director of Deutsche Bank up to 2009 is much more of a concern. How to ruin something is clearly his forte.


Leader of the House is just the government’s business manager in the commons, but he’d have to be an improvement on the current one. Interestingly, she’s also a banking refugee.

Who becomes the next prime minister is a slightly more interesting question, but one that still might not be answered for some time.


Tony Connolly … -analysis/

That’s not to say it won’t happen, but I still see it as unlikely that Ireland will be abandoned to return to the imperial fold.
He makes the point, made elsewhere, that the scale of the defeat means it’s not just about the backstop. A narrow defeat might have put pressure on the backstop, but this is a tearing up and start again moment.


Incredible scenes last night (watching on TV) of Remainers/Peoples Vote crowds cheering like their football team had scored. They feel like they are on to a win. Then ERG-types - and other Tories - one by one celebrating defeating their own Prime Minister because it makes a ‘clean break’ more likely. They can smell victory. |O

It’s a good point about the scale of the defeat being kind of good for Ireland in that if it were just the ERG and DUP factions everyone would be looking at Ireland to make the backstop time-limited. Still totally unclear what happens next. (Here’s are four opinions from the Guardian side of the spectrum).

An extension of Art. 50 seems odds on now but all the Brussels correspondents (RTE, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph) are saying EU Member States are completely sick of the whole saga and would only allow a short extension if there was a clear plan. They souring of relations has people in Europe dreading the prospect of the UK somehow reversing its decision by referendum and deciding to stay after all. Imagine having to deal with them after this on normal EU business.

I hope they have a cross-party think-in and opt for Norway-for-now which becomes some kind of EFTA-forever. Or, if not actual EFTA membership (because they don’t want them either), a very similar looking set of agreements that effectively means regulatory alignment. Worse than EU membership - but that was obvious from the get-go.


“Backstop” is going to be the “straight bananas” for the next generation.


I always said things would get far worse when the English went all enlightened and rational and stopped believing in the bogey man.