Britain leaving the European Union.


That’s the end of Brexit to any meaningful degree. Their only chance was to get it nailed quickly and get moving with it.
Now we’re on a long road to something resembling a proxy EU membership for Britain with a few token opt outs here and there.

The hardliners will get to save face and still pretend that the complete exit denied to them was utopian.


But could you listen to another 2 years? I’d have to move to the Continent where they really don’t care either way what the brits do.



“Denied to them” is right. Critically They get still to blame Europe and domestic Remoaners for wrecking the dream.

I know Corbyn gets attacked by all the usual suspects for his leftism, but you really have to marvel at TM’s party discipline. Maybe it’s the Rector’s daughter in her but she never condemns or even challenges the ERG publicly. Any pressure on the ERG comes from Remainers in the party. She’s like a battered spouse who won’t condemn their husband, “Terry’s a good man deep down…”

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Youtube interview with Ms Fitzgerald 22 Sept 2016 around 1 minute in:

Wow. How dumb that turned out to be. Although it was dumb at the time too, so no excuse really.

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you can multiply that across a lot of industries as no one has wasted there time on scenario planning for the multitude of potential outcomes


Yeah, has there ever been anything like Brexit? Most big changes are either single case (like Y2K, a known issue, a known path to solution or VAT on supplements) or a step forward (frictionless trade, harmonisation of cross-border laws). The risk is being left behind rather than not being able to trade on the latter. Brexit? It still isn’t clear what it is going to mean pretty much anywhere.

Willy Walsh can say all he likes that planes aren’t going to be grounded; and he’s almost certainly right, but he cannot be certain. If the UK were to crash out without paying the divorce bill, a number of sure things look chancy.


Because this is a political issue that requires a political solution. it is the total opposite to the y2k issue.
Almost anything could happen, depending on which political grouping gets the upper hand.

EDIT: as proven in the next post, deals & contingencies will be in place where it suits both parties.


Brexit: Spain to give Britons rights under no deal
Spain passes laws to protect their income from British citizens living in Spain after a no deal Brexit.


Cans and tarmac, but look what’s in the long grass… … extension/


Surely a European election in the UK would become a de facto second referendum - no?


And if it returns even more UKip and Farage’s new Brexit party MEPs then it’s just locks in the result.


Not to mention the strong likelihood of a European Parliament much more sympathetic to the concept of national sovereignty generally…


Of course. It might even clarify it if there are a spectrum of offerings from the parties in terms of their Brexit positions. Non General elections can often be seen by an electorate as an opportunity to let off steam - this time around it might be a bit more focused.


25 days 2hours 4mins

As an aside, it shows where the power lies in the brexit clock is base on Central European Time


Theresa May ‘did not understand EU when she triggered Brexit’


[*Brexit is an ‘irresponsible lie peddled by anger mongers backed by fake news’ that has caused Europe’s biggest crisis since WWII, rages Macron * (
Macron published his open letter in 22 EU languages


Just a friendly reminder that Macron admitted the French would also have voted to leave.
Which is why they’re not getting a referendum.

Feel the hubris …


Hubris, really? What about professional responsibility? Politicians are paid to do this government shit, having an unneeded poll to quieten down a section of the electorate and then having it spectacularly backfire? That’s amateur hour.
Would you have a vote on vaccinations? And let the anti-vaxxers doubt their way to victory?
Would you then have a vote on the flat earth?
How about a vote on a magical money shitting tree that gives free money from the gubbernment, stops taxing fags and booze and the rich, and gives everyone a 3 bed semi in D6? Would you let people vote on that?


Politicians are paid to shape policy and legislation to fulfill a mandate. Seeking a mandate is generally a responsible action, ignoring the need to do so will result eventually in at best a new government that will execute on that mandate and at worst instability and possibly revolution. The ‘section of the electorate’ that need their cough softened will continue to grow and grow unless addressed. That’s democracy for you - the least worst option.