Britain leaving the European Union.


May is negotiations with the DUP to allow them support MV3 and move the ERG with them. Third time might just be the charm.


Mogg out saying he will vote for the, ‘terrible deal’ etc if DUPes vote for the deal.

Muppets one and all
Dodds spouting about backstop changes. Beyond stupid



Aaaaand, in the short time the 'pin has been moved, we’re on for a delay, we’re going to vote on MV3, oh wait, no we’re not, there’s a new set of meetings, no there isn’t. It’s some weird mashup of farce and pantomime - whoops, there go my bloomers, oh no they don’t.


I’ve had to replenish the stocks of popcorn.:popcorn:


It’s a blockbuster omnishambles. Rotten tomatoes are refusing to rate it though


Squeaky bum time.


And part of the reason for the loss of patience:

“There are people who regard it as great television,” said Bobby McDonagh, a former ambassador to London. “But it isn’t funny.” But politicians and officials in Dublin still cannot help rolling their eyes at the present state of the mother of parliaments.

“A shit-show that just goes on and on,” said one official. “Makes you wonder how they ever ran an empire,” said another. “British politics is quite broken at the minute,” said Lisa Chambers, the Brexit spokesperson for Fianna Fáil, the main opposition party, more diplomatically. “People have been surprised just how chaotic it’s been.”


This isnt silly at all.
Its a pantomime, choreographed with Brussels.

Brave Mrs May (a convert to the Brexit cause, mind) declares Brexit, full Brexit and nothing but the Brexit!
Off she plunges, flag in hand, horse between her thighs, sword aflame, breasts a-flopping…
Boudica! Says the English
Grainne Mhaol! Says the Oirish
Joan of Arc! dit le français
The Fallen Madonna with ze big boobies! sez Der Chermans
Not him agaiN! says Yogi aNd the moderators!

All votes fail.
Long delay offered - for which May falls on her sword, as though she gives a shit.
The condition is that the UK holds a GE (Labours price for supporting the delay), participates in Euro elections and May resigns to pacify the ERG.
GE - Labour promises to renegotiate and offer referendum on outcome.
Labour win.
New - not 2nd - referendum on Labour Lite-Brexit deal offering 2 choices 1.Lite or 2.No Deal.
Lite wins and Labour delivers on Deal Delivery and Second Referendum and wins both.

All the rest is play-acting.


Popcorn supplies are running low, but I can’t wait to see what Uri Geller adds to this. Hopefully it’ll be on Channel 5 or maybe Spike TV.


if it came to it, id have more faith in uri


So, TMPM (LINO), may not get her bill in:

It’s a good thing the no-deal planning is going so well:

What now? 6 days or 60 days or 20 days…


Still insufficient support to pass third vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May has told the House of Commons that there was still not sufficient support among MPs to pass a third meaningful vote on her Brexit deal.

Speaking on Monday afternoon she said: “It is with great regret that I have to conclude that as things stand there is still not sufficient support in the House to bring back the deal for a third meaningful vote,” she said. “I continue to have discussions with colleagues across the House to build support so that we can bring the vote forward this week and guarantee Brexit.”

There were suggestions the third vote would take place on Tuesday.
The Prime Minister said the “default outcome” remained leaving the EU without a deal.


Maybe she should just go. Anyone relying on the DUP is on a hiding to nothing.


Indeed, but it appears it was suggested to the DUP that a no deal would result in the return of direct rule to Nirn. And this was supposed to encourage the DUP to support May’s deal.

If true, it once again shows the shocking lack of understanding of the DUP there is in London.

The prime minister said it “would not have been appropriate” for no-deal to go ahead on 29 March because “the Northern Ireland civil service do not have the powers to take necessary decisions in the event of no deal”.

Mrs May told MPs a no-deal Brexit would require some “direct application of powers” from Westminster to Northern Ireland.

“If there is no Stormont government, if powers are needed and ministerial direction is needed which is not available to the civil servants currently, it would require some form of direct application of powers here from Westminster,” she said.


Probably worth it at least to see Sammy Wilson in a snot over the makey uppy issue.


Popping this tweet here having finally found it again - thought it was bookmarked from when it appeared last year. It’s a long multi thread tweet so click on it to follow the train of thought.


You can’t trust the tories with your rights Mrs White…


Indeed, see some earlier posts in the threat. No deal crash out has been the ERG’s aim from after Chequers and at least before it. The EU, though, is not unaware and nor is the Irish government (see Tony Connelly’s long reads on the RTE website). It’s been about whose fault it is for some time, and that continues with the extensions.


Brexit may derail politicians vote buying exercises - they may sit up and notice now