Britain leaving the European Union.


With JRM and BoJo softening their positions, if not their rhetoric, a no deal exit is becoming less likely. A lot of pressure is going to come on the DUP to get on board with this deal. Westminster is about to find out just how belligerent they can be.


Never rely on the DUP
they would have better luck with labour or even the LimDems
DUP are still the bigoted ideologues they always were


Looks like Boris will support May’s deal. DUP still a no. This is four months after Boris addressed a DUP conference saying May’s deal with make the UK an EU colony.

Couldn’t make it up.


Is there any surprise that the DUP said No. If its possible they sound even more billigerent than usual. Not sure even the most loyalist farmers and business people will stick with the DUP in a still highly unlikely no deal.


There will be no Leave, no crash out.
The UK will take part in some sort of EU elections.
There will be a delay until at least March 2020.

The only reason the EU will consent to this is that the UK need an election - the EU will essentially force this on UK. Labour will win - by promising a referendum - and a new ‘easy’ deal will be negotiated with EU.
In tandem, there’ll be a Border Poll in NI and and Indy-lite ref in Scotland.
Both will win.

All will remain in EU with England/Wales rump parliament defanged and only able to damage itself in future.

Watch it happen.


If the WA is not approved, does May stay in office ?


European press and commentators switched on the TV, pulled out the popcorn and sat back to watch the latest preposterous episode in Britain’s Brexit psychodrama with a mixture of disbelief and resignation.

“Most series start getting dull after a second or third season, but Brexit’s different,” said Germany’s Die Zeit. “The longer it lasts, the better the plot gets. Yesterday’s twist was the best yet: first the unloved PM offers to go, then MPs seize the initiative and it seems the tide may be turning.

“But wait … In the end, it turns out they can agree on – absolutely nothing. So, cue uproar in the house, and the credits start running. ‘Order,’ roars John Bercow. Please do not adjust your set: we’ll be back right after the break.”


Sky’s coverage is generally quite soft on Brexit loons. But the evening round table with Alastair Campbell and Dermot Murnaghan is great fun. There’s a Brexiteer from a think tank called Henry Newman who keeps going on and on every night about something he’s dreamed up called “the Stormont Lock” and how this will fix everything. A good drinking game to play is to take a slug of whiskey every time he says it.


This article is very good.
It’s hard to fathom how badly it has gone wrong for Britain.
There won’t even be any meaningful Brexit, but they’ve completely humiliated themselves this past couple of years.


It is a really good article and the Irexit fanatics would do well to read it, supposing they can. The world outside the major trading blocks is a scary place and as a small country, you risk being someone’s bitch.


It’s an ok interpretation. It does sort of fuel the Brexiteer Dolchstoßlegende a bit. The point about the backstop poisoning Powersharing in NI is a good reminder It fails to add:

  • In the referendum aftermath the Brexiteers were victory drunk like the Japanese after pearl harbour
  • May went for the election to diminish partly the ERG’s veto. It failed as a gambit !

Paul Bew really does live in a world of his own.


B day in a few hours…:hiking_boot:


Now is the time B day should have happened, but it hasn’t.

The next 14 days will be very interesting, it is really not possible predict what will happen


Backstop 2.0 required…

The thing to bear in mind, I reckon, is what would we do if we were out of the EU and Britain was exiting a customs partnership with us (going back to 1973). We would have customs posts, we’d not be mixing Nirn milk with Irish to protect brand Ireland etc. What the EU are proposing is what we’d have to do if we were out of the EU and there was no backstop agreement.


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Labour are whipping in favour of Common Market 2.0 motion, which is a bit like Norway plus. Unless TM can whip the Tory party, which is unlikely, this has a solid chance of passing tonight.

TM could be telling the Tory party “Pass my deal or it is Common Market 2.0!!!”


*I don’t believe HaiKari works like this… :thinking:

It’s not exactly fighting your corner - Cui bono?

(*perhaps it’s been discussed already and I’ve missed the relevant information).


Lost by 292 to 280. All the other motions lost too. Ken Clarke’s customs union proposal came closest at 276 to 273. The DUP plonkers were the only party to vote solidly “No” to every single motion.


Custom union would have won easily hadb the SNP or PC voted for it. Also some LAB remainers didn’t vote for it


If they’d any degree of self respect theyd just go for No Deal at this stage.