Britain leaving the European Union.


Rugby’s #euelections2019 results declared:

Change UK - 1,075
Conservative - 3,330
Green Party - 3,140
Labour - 2,937
Lib Dems - 6,255
Brexit Party - 10,987
UKIP - 1,224

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Comments worth a read, some say it’s out of context and thus the opposite.


Too right it is “out of context”: The clip is taken from the BBC “Brexit behind closed doors” program, starting from 1h,30m,5s:

Watch it yourself to judge.
Barnier was discussing the fact that the UK was trying to use Ireland as a hostage in the negotiations.
Perfidious Brexiters cut the clip to imply that the EU rather the UK are the devious ones. Also interesting that they call it “unearthed footage” - implying it was secret- when in fact it was on the BBC who had been entirely allowed to participate in the EU’s internal discussions.


Thanks for link to doc. It became even more apparent deeper in the comments.


That’s the official Leave campaign’s Twitter? Wow! You could not possibly use that clip and pretend it was a mistake made in good faith. It’s clearly intended for the masses who are dumb enough to fall for it and be influenced by it regardless of it being exposed for a fraud. And their website has the audacity to complain about “fake news” about Brexit. (Not that the Left are much better with their scare stories of Brexit meaning letting Trump buy the NHS).


So Farage using the the Brexit party effectively turned the tables and converted the EU parliament vote into a 2nd referendum by proxy.

Genius strategic move and was an incredible achievement. Like totally disruptive man.

What next?


There will be some pressure put on the NHS- see this article by Sam Lowe (2/3rds of the way through) . Pressure will be put to pay more for US pharmaceuticals as currently the NHS is a world (low) price setter. If the US gets the UK to flip, they can make billions off other countries.